Bentley Motors Debuts Gold-Plated Skis

When it comes to luxury, few brands carry high-price prestige quite like Bentley Motors. In the ski world, Bomber Ski is making similar strides to the vaunted high ends of the sport. And when it comes to a high-luxe collab, both brands have the engineering and manufacturing chops to produce industry-leading quality to satiate the […]

How to Find a Shower Just About Anywhere

Product Recommendations by Hayley Helms. Day six without a shower during a van trip to Colorado, and it hit me: I needed one … Now. I peeled off my sweaty mountain biking shorts, grabbed a bottle of soap and a towel, and practically sprinted to the nearby recreation center, hoping against all odds they offered […]

Watch David Beckham Snowboard Down a Massive Peak in the Alps

We’re used to seeing David Beckham on the soccer pitch (and the red carpet), but snowboarding down a peak in the Swiss Alps? Not so much. That’s about to change: In partnership with Swiss-made watch brand Tudor, Beckham teamed up with Norwegian Olympic snowboarder Kjersti Buaas for an early-morning trek to make first tracks in […]

A New Study Shows That Athletes’ Brains Are Tuned for Better Hearing

Even in perfect silence, if you listen closely, you can still hear a noise. That’s the sound of your brain working, and researchers at Northwestern University are exploring how the brain’s electrical activity affects hearing. According to CNN, the researchers, who are part of a university lab called Brainvolts, have made a fascinating discovery: Compared […]

Getting Ready for Adventure

In 104 days (about 15 weeks) I’ll be arriving at the AT Approach Trail, which goes from Amicalola Falls to Springer Mountain in Georgia. As I write this it feels like more than a lifetime away, but I know all too well that the day will sneak up fast. My gear has a few tweaks left but is more or less complete at this point. My plane ticket is booked and my plans are set in stone. ...

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