This Dermatologist-Formulated Treatment Helps Fight Thinning Hair at the Source

Worried about losing your hair? Don’t wait—before you know it, it will be too late. Take action now with Revivogen, an all-natural hair regrowth program that has helped thousands of men get fuller, thicker hair. And it can help you, too. Revivogen is a dermatologist-formulated, all-natural solution that combats male and female-pattern baldness (andorgenic alopecia). It’s […]

This Direct-to-Consumer Brand Produces Some of Our Favorite Footwear

Ethical fashion is exploding, and it’s about time. Thanks to companies like Patagonia, Faherty, and Nisolo, consumers are moving away from cheap attire from fast-fashion brands and toward quality apparel made with ethically made products sourced from environmentally and socially responsible supply chains. If you haven’t yet heard of Nisolo, you soon will. The Nashville-based […]

Eating More Whole Grains Is the Easiest Way to Protect Your Heart

At breakfast, order a side of whole-wheat toast—for your heart. University of Eastern Finland scientists found that whole grains contain compounds that improve glucose metabolism—how sugar is processed—which can help stave off illness, including cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes.     In the study, 123 people at risk for heart issues ate a diet […]

The Essential Ski Gear for Far North Adventure

Far-north adventures, like heli-skiing on Baffin Island and dog-sledding in Greenland, require vastly different cold weather gear and apparel than, say, resort skiing in Colorado. Our writer recently partook in the first commercial ski-tour of Siberia’s Altai Mountains, from the northern China side, where sub-zero temperatures are the rule. Here’s what worked.

Don’t Freak Out, But Stress Is Shrinking Your Brain

Stress is partly to blame for ills like high blood pressure, obesity, and depression. A new item on its rap sheet: It may shrink your brain. A study of 2,000 healthy people found that those with high levels of cortisol had less brain volume than those with less of the stress hormone, especially in areas […]

Can Men Use Women’s Skincare Products?

Using skincare products designed for women is not bad for your skin, but it’s unnecessary. Men’s skin is different, primarily due to the presence of facial hair.     In order to sustain those hair follicles, a man’s facial skin is thicker, and the blood supply richer. Follicles secrete more natural oils. When men shave, […]

5 Great Far North Adventures That (Almost) Anyone Can Do

Much of the earth’s uncharted terrain lies in the far north. That’s no surprise considering the wild, untamed landscapes you’ll find there: From frigid temps to frozen seas and more, the Arctic isn’t the most hospitable place for humans. Fortunately, you don’t have to be a polar explorer to experience these remote and amazingly beautiful places. […]
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