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How Color Outside Empowers Women of Color Through Outdoor Adventure

f you can do the freaking John Muir Trail, you can do this.” I’ve had this thought an immeasurable amount of times in the nine months since I stood on top of Mt. Whitney. Whether it’s a work stressor, a particularly tough hill run, or a personal problem, I draw upon my experiences in the outdoors as motivation. As thru-hikers, we push ourselves to the absolute limit and come out the other end confident and empowered, ...

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First Ride (Exclusive): Cake’s New Kalk INK Electric Dirt Bike

What It Is: The Cake Kalk INK SL is an electric motorcycle meant to blur the lines between on- and off-road application. Actually, it’s meant to blur a lot of lines. At 187 pounds, it’s exceptionally lightweight for its power output. Consider that a dual-sport bike like Honda’s capable, and relatively light (for gas) CRF250L […]

Michter’s Dropped Two Limited Edition Whiskeys for 2020 & They’re Both Perfect

Michter’s annual release of 10-Year Single Barrel whiskeys is often one of the best things to look forward to for mid-market limited editions, but this year it’s outdone itself. The 2020 release of 10-Year Bourbon and 10-Year Rye leaves Michter’s with a couple of home runs. Michter’s highest-end releases (including the 10, 20, 25, and […]

Backpacker Radio 78 | Delia D’Ambra of Park Predators

n today’s episode of Backpacker Radio presented by The Trek, brought to you by, we are joined by Delia D’ambra.  Delia is a full-time investigative journalist and the host of Park Predators, a podcast that details some of the most horrific murders that have taken place in national parks.  Needless to say, maybe don’t let your kids listen to this one.
We cover the triple crown of Adam Sandler movies, do another round of one minute gear reviews, ...

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Canyon Introduces the 2021 Sender CFR Mountain Bike

Downhill racing is a game of seconds. It’s that simple. More than any other discipline of mountain biking, its focus is unambiguous, pure, easy to quantify and impossible to perfect. It’s a journey our sport has been on, literally since the birth of the sport itself. That’s why downhill bikes are the most advanced, alien-looking […]

Is Skiing Good for the Health of Glaciers, or Speeding Their Demise?

Closely examine any photo of the Horstman T-Bar, or any glacier other glacier T-Bar, and you’ll notice something peculiar—it sits about 10 feet higher than the surrounding snow. Examining this while reporting on the Whistler Blackcomb’s removal of the historic Horstman T-Bar, we wondered the significance of it’s elevated position with regards to snowmelt. Coastal […]

How to Use Meditation to Cope With Loneliness and Negative Thoughts

When COVID-19 hit and isolation became the norm for majority of the world, many found it difficult to cope with loneliness. Grappling with a global pandemic understandably heightens feelings of fear and anxiety. To better manage negative thoughts and self-talk, we tapped one of the world’s greatest solo adventurers, Colin O’Brady. He’s a professional endurance athlete and […]
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