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ATC Joins Calls for Racial Justice for Black Americans

The Appalachian Trail Conservancy has joined the calls for justice for America’s black citizens as turmoil fed by a black man’s death during an encounter with Minneapolis police roils the nation’s cities.
The Appalachian Mountain Club, the largest outdoor organization in the Northeast, also weighed in on racism in America.
“I hope you’ll join me and all of AMC in condemning the racism that lives today at the very forefront of our society,” AMC CEO John Judge said in a statement. ...

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Roasted Eggplant with Crispy Chickpea Arugula Salad

As much as I adore cooking for other people, every now and then it’s a treat (and a relief!) to prepare a meal just for myself. This Roasted Eggplant with Crispy Chickpeas is my kind of single-lady meal. This recipe is sponsored by Stella. Eggplant that’s oven roasted until caramelized and tender, then piled high […]

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10 Best Camp Shoes of 2020

Many backpackers carry camp shoes for greater comfort in camp that can serve double duty as stream crossing shoes, so they don’t have to get their hiking boots or trail shoes wet. Sandals, water shoes, slides, clogs, and minimalist footwear are all popular choices but it’s worth giving some thought to their strength and weaknesses …

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Gear Review: Enlightened Equipment Torrid APEX Jacket

The Torrid APEX Jacket is an insulated mid-layer offered by Enlightened Equipment (EE), a Minnesota-based backpacking gear company that specializes in custom items made to order. The jacket uses synthetic insulation, which allows it to handle a bit more abuse than a similar down jacket, and will be appreciated by those looking for animal-free products.  While it is basic, including just the bare essentials feature-wise to keep weight down, this jacket is ultimately functional.  And with a crapload of fabric colors to choose from (inside and out), ...

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Resupplying and Caching Food, San Luis Loop Style

Being flexible is an important characteristic in a thru-hiker, at least in my limited experience. Many hikers have had to utilize that trait over the last few months, and I am no exception. While I always had plans to cache food if doing a long hike with the dogs, it has become an essential part of my plan to remain self sufficient while hiking this summer.
Unfortunately, there is very little “literature” on the inter web regarding caching food for a thru-hike. ...

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Unfinished Business

In February of 2008, I moved from Phoenix to San Diego to start a new job. During the weeks that followed, the economy began to experience a down-turn that would later be described as a “once in a lifetime” event. As some of my more experienced/expensive co-workers were laid-off, I felt increasing pressure to get results. By September, I needed some time off. I managed to reserve a Mount Whitney day-hike permit, and the week after that, ...

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5 Ends-of-the-Earth Jobs That Redefine Remote Work

The coronavirus pandemic has indefinitely altered what many once knew as the workplace. And aside from essential workers thankfully caring for the ill, keeping supply chains in motion, and maintaining public services, a whole lot of employees (still fortunate to be working) have been delegated to a brave new work status: remote. Bringing office culture […]

7 Shirts to Make You Look and Feel Cool as Hell Boating, Kayaking, and Fishing

An early spring and already-scorching temps out West means one thing: river season is officially upon us. And just in time, considering we’re all seriously itching to let loose after two-plus months of lockdown. Whether you’re rafting, kayaking, SUPing, or even just fishing, an easy afternoon on the water socially distanced from your nearest and […]
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