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Big Mountain Skiing Tips From Tanner Hall

Tanner Hall is one of skiing’s most gifted athletes. In 2001, Hall won his first Winter X Games gold at age 17 (Big Air) and kept winning gold and silver in SlopeStyle and Superpipe for the next eight years. Outside the competitions, Hall co-founded ski brand Armada with the late JP Auclair and a handful […]

How to Get a Good Night’s Sleep in a Van

Study after study has revealed that rest is just as important as food and water. It’s one of our basic needs. The effects of a poor night’s sleep can range from a mild drowsy feeling to a downright dangerous situation (slower reaction time, impaired decision making, a higher susceptibility to sickness), none of which is […]

5 Hikers Rescued in Alaska After Visiting ‘Into the Wild’ Bus

On Saturday, Alaska State Troopers reported the rescue of five Italian hikers in central’s Alaska Denali Borough. According to TIME the five tourists were rescued from a make-shift camp built after they visited the infamous “Magic Bus” made famous by Jon Krakauer’s 1996 best-seller Into the Wild. As reported by CNN, the Stampede Trail out to the bus […]

The 4-Day Weekend in Sacramento, California’s New Foodie Capital

If you look up while jogging around Sacramento these days, as I discovered last fall, you may find yourself face-to-face with a four-story-tall orangutan. Or a menagerie of jungle birds in flight. Or even Johnny Cash. Over the past several years, some of the best muralists in the world—including heavyweight artists Axel Void and Shepard […]

The Shape Shifter: Jeremy Jones Reflects on 10 Years of Snowboard Innovation, Experimental Collabs, and More

Jeremy Jones was instrumental in rescuing the snowboard industry from stagnation. On the 10-year anniversary of his eponymous brand, he’s celebrating a decade of innovation by doubling down on experimentation. This winter marks 10 years for Jones snowboards. And just this month it launched a limited-edition stick it calls the Stratos, yet another manifestation of […]

The Best Mountains to Ski the Midnight Sun

The already short ski season in the U.S. is getting shorter—by over a month, according to recent research published in the journal Geophysical Research Letters. But in the far northern reaches of the world, you can still find fresh powder in May, June, even July. And you can access it all day long under the […]

Watch of the Week: Baume x ZAG Limited Edition II

These days, brands looking to tout their eco-friendliness and stand out from the crowd are going fishing—for ocean plastic. Trash in the ocean is a serious issue, and one way to address it is to recycle it into products like shoes and clothing. Or, in the case of the new Baume x ZAG Limited Edition […]

Meet the Brand Introducing ‘Soft Masculinity’ to Men’s Skincare

Next time you restock your skincare essentials, pay special attention to the hallmarks that epitomize men’s grooming. Notice the monochromatic or grayscale packaging, with hard lines and minimal graphics. Does the product’s overall vibe skew rugged, sporty, and outdoorsy? Take a sniff. Catch those notes of sage, tobacco, mint, or musk? There’s a reason behind […]
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