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Learn to Ride This Holiday Season With Harley-Davidson™

Open roads. Wind in your hair. There’s no feeling quite like hitting the highways, back roads and everything in-between on your Harley-Davidson™. To encourage current Harley riders to share their love of hitting the open road with friends and family, the brand is providing an opportunity to win free learn-to-ride classes to anyone who hasn’t […]

Trail Science: Is Thru-hiking an Addiction?

t’s 5:30 am and I’m almost to Chinook Pass. It’s about 45 degrees and a steady, drizzling rain makes it colder. I’m approaching an iconic view of Mt. Rainier, but I’m socked in and it doesn’t look like that’s going to change any time soon. My right calf muscle is strained and every step is painful. I forgot to charge my MP3 player at my last resupply and I’m alone with only my thoughts, processing the weight of unspeakable things. ...

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Acorn Squash Soup

Acorn Squash Soup

A bowl of healthy acorn squash soupA bit of a produce shop-a-holic, I’ve been known to return home from the farmers’ market with enough acorn squash to feed a small village, only to double up at the grocery store, because it’s always on sale. This hearty, warm Acorn Squash Soup, abundant with fall flavors, is my latest, greatest way to work…

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Are Magnetic Compasses Obsolete for Hiking and Backpacking?

I use a Suunto magnetic compass and Casio watch altimeter whenever I step off a trail to navigate and I carry them on every hike I take. But with the improvements in GPS Phone Apps, like Gaia GPS and ViewRanger, I have to wonder whether they’re obsolete in this day and age. Sure, you might …

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Gossamer Gear The DCF Two Ultralight Tent Review

he Two is Gossamer Gear’s classic two-person ultralight shelter.  Since being introduced in 2017, the solid design and minor tweaks have helped it grow in popularity in many corners of the backpacking community.  Gossamer Gear has traditionally relied on their custom weave SilNylon for their shelters, mostly steering clear of Dyneema Composite Fabric (DCF). 
But this formerly obscure material has become the darling of ultralighters everywhere and is now ubiquitous across the American wilderness.  It was only a matter of time before Gossamer Gear got in the DCF game by expanding their DCF offerings (beyond accessories) to include shelters.  ...

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ONE WORLD: watch it.

Burton did a thing. Like a really cool thing. It’s called a movie. But it’s not just “another snowboard movie” – nope. It’s about connection. It’s about what snowboarding is as a feeling, a community, and its place in our world. Yes, it features pros and rad riding – duh. But it’s more than that. […]

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