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10 Best One Person Backpacking Tents of 2020

One person, solo backpacking tents are ideal if you’re thru-hiking, fast-packing, or backpacking big miles and want to trim your gear weight as low as possible. More livable than bivy sacks, one person tents are designed for sleeping and bad weather protection. While some solo tents are more plush and spacious than others, you almost …

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100 Years Strong: Why Zion National Park Endures

Zion may be one of America’s smaller national parks, but it always ranks as one of the most popular. Suffice to say, it’s a park with a lot of layers. That starts with its iconic rock formations, geologic strata that consists mostly of Mesozoic-aged sedimentation dating back 150 million years. The park’s more recent history […]

6 Core-Building Exercises You Can Do on a Standup Paddleboard

Standup paddling is the perfect workout—it combines balance, strength and endurance into a low-impact and relaxing workout. In addition to cruising your local waterway, try adding core and strength training exercises to your SUP sessions to take your workout to the next level. While the gym or yoga mat are perfectly acceptable places to train, […]

5 Simple Ways to Save More Money on Travel

Does another slow day at the office have you scrolling through Instagram, daydreaming about a trip to Portugal or Japan? Though we can’t get you extra weeks of paid time off, we can at least offer a little extra cash. A handful of key cost-saving measures can help you save more funds toward that epic […]

Brad Pitt Talks the Time He ‘Did Pass’ on ‘The Matrix’ and His Iconic Roles at the Santa Barbara Film Festival

Brad Pitt has been on a victory lap this awards season. Pitt has won nearly every major award for his Academy Award-nominated role as stuntman Cliff Booth in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, giving him the chance to give entertaining speeches and reflect on the journey he’s taken through his lengthy career. Pitt’s latest […]
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