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Make a Pit-Stop at these Quirky Roadside Attractions

There are so many things to love about a good old-fashioned road trip. From the incredible vastness of the nation’s ever-changing landscapes to the simple thrill of cruising down a highway to your favorite tunes, there’s nothing quite like a classic road trip experience. Symbolizing the freedom of the open road and endless opportunities, this quintessential […]

Watch: Escaping Lockdown on London’s Dreamy MTB Trails

This video originally appeared on and was republished with permission. Lockdown London with Bernard Kerr: “Like most of you, my life this year has been very different in this new crazy world that we are all living in. No events… but luckily, I’ve been able to take some great positives from it – I […]

Watch: Chris Burkard’s Powerful New Film About Parenthood, Adventure and New Perspectives

Parenthood is often paradoxical––challenging yet rewarding, stressful yet joyous, tiring yet energizing. But above all, parenting is complicated. Filmmaker and photographer Chris Burkard’s explores the world of parenting in his new short film, Unnur, which profiles a fellow adventure photographer’s journey with parenthood and how it changed his perspective on taking risks. The main subject […]

Why Eggs Really Are the Perfect Breakfast

Consuming protein matters—not just how much, but when, according to researchers at the University of Birmingham. In a study of 120 people of all ages, scientists found that those who spread their protein intake out equally for breakfast, lunch, and dinner are likely to experience less age-related muscle mass loss than those who skimped on […]

Reader Recipe Showcase + Giveaway ($!) + A Request

From the bottom of my heart… Thank YOU! Thank you for filling my life with the pictures, messages, and conversations about how The Well Plated Cookbook has found a home at your table. It’s been just over one month since The Well Plated Cookbook has been available. In that time, many of you have sent […]

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Waymark Lite 50 Backpack Review

The Waymark Lite Backpack is a 50-liter frameless roll-top backpack made with waterproof, lightweight, durable XPac fabric that weighs between 28-30 oz depending on sizing and features. It’s available in multiple torso lengths and different sized hip-belts so you can dial in a near-custom fit. Waymark also lets you customize the main pack color and …

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