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Spaghetti Squash Lasagna

The first signs of winter have made an appearance, and this Spaghetti Squash Lasagna is the only sort of recipe it feels appropriate to be eating. It has all the characteristic lasagna comforts that we need when the thermometer dips—the stretchy cheese, the chunky, hearty red sauce, the load-up-your-fork and think-warm-thoughts appeal—but is lightened up […]

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We Tested the Best Skis You Can Buy to Master the Mountain

We tested the newest crop of skis, finding the best builds that will make it easier to carve up resort groomers or dodge trees on backcountry tours. If you’ve upgraded your apparel and accessories—jacket, pants, goggles, helmet, etc.—then follow suit with a fresh pair of skis. The Best Skis of 2019-20 Courtesy Image Best for […]

The Best Running Shoes Under $100

In theory, running is a minimalist sport—all you need is a good pair of sneakers. If you haven’t noticed, though, a good pair of sneakers will cost you upwards of $200. Great kicks don’t just protect your feet from the repeated impact that comes from striking the pavement mile after mile, but they also store […]

Matthew McConaughey Helped Prepare Hundreds of Meals for Wildfire-Fighting First Responders

Matthew McConaughey took some time to give back last week. The Academy Award-winning actor teamed up with the disaster support organization Operation BBQ Relief and volunteers from Wild Turkey Bourbon to help prepare hundreds of meals for firefighters battling the wildfire blazes going on in California. McConaughey and the volunteers put together over 800 turkey […]

Test Swim: Nike’s New Performance Vapor Goggles

As a former competitive swimmer and current swim coach, I know firsthand how quickly—and severely—a bad pair of goggles can derail an otherwise good swim. Not enough suction? You’ll be stopping at every wall to empty chlorine from your eye sockets. Straps too tight? Instant headache. Flimsy design? They could fall off your face altogether. […]
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