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A Look Inside my Head: What is the Drive Behind my Long Distance Hike?

For anyone following me, this is my version of the essential “why I’m hiking” blog entry. I learned last year that if you have plans to do a long distance hike and fail to provide your acquaintances with reasons for why you would do such a thing, they will attempt to come up with their own reasoning to rationalize your choices. “Because I want to” doesn’t quite cut it, and at a minimum of three times it will be assumed you’re trying to “find yourself”. ...

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SNOWBOARD NORTHERN BC: The Northeast Edition

Words and photos by Jeremy Allen for SkiNorthBC in collaboration with SnowSeekers. MISSION: In seven days, we aimed to cover some of the “iconics” in North Eastern BC. Investigate the treasures, if you will, via epic road trip. Spoiler alert, it was dope.  Ahhhh, Northern BC, where the powder stays fresh, local vibes are authentic AF […]

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Dispatches: Life on an Alaskan Crab Boat

It took just 20 minutes for my stomach to flip. Nearly done with my first cup of coffee and midway through introductions with Leo, Jeffery, and Jose, I grabbed the rails and prepared to vomit. My half-digested bowl of Honey Bunches of Oats would soon be fish food. Despite a double dose of Dramamine and […]

Yosemite’s Limit-Pushing Highline Across El Capitan’s Most Exposed Section

The sport of slacklining and highlining has deep roots in Yosemite National Park, going back 40 years. Early pioneers like Chongo Chuck, who some call the godfather of the sport, practiced walking tensioned one-inch webbing between tree trunks. Slacklining is about balance and movement, and as Chongo walks the line, his frame swings gently back and forth […]

The Best Adventure Races You Can Sign Up for Right Now

Sometimes the best motivator to get outside and exercise is a little friendly competition—and maybe some amazing views to boot. If your current exercise routine is making you hit the snooze button every morning, an adventure race might be just what you need to jolt yourself out of a rut. And when we say adventure […]

12 HIIT Workouts to Get You in the Best Shape of Your Life

The HIIT acronym has maintained its buzzworthy status in fitness for years now—and for good reason. It stands for high-intensity interval training, and it’s meant to do everything from boost your fitness level and increase fat burn to improve your endurance and get you stronger. The best part: There are literally limitless ways to do […]
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