Paugus Cliff and the Wonalancet Range Trail

Mt Paugus is an infrequently-visited  3000 footer that has great views of Mt Chocorua and Mt Passaconaway because it’s situated in between these two popular peaks. I hiked up it over the weekend to sit on its south-facing cliff, which is a huge expanse of open ledge, that’s perfect for picnicking and just hanging out …

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Colorado Trail: Segments 9-11

Update from the Igloo
Hiiii friends. I wanted to pop on to give you all an update. My trail fam and I finished segments 9, 10, and 11, but we’re now currently held up in Leadville due to the early event of heavy snowfall in Colorado. We’re waiting a bit for the weather to warm up and for the snow to melt, but we’ll be back on trail in a few days.
Segment 9
Segment 9 begins at Tennessee Pass near Minturn, ...

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Best of Southern California Backpacking and Day Hiking

I’ve lived in Southern California for five years and still feel like I’m scratching the surface of available adventure around me. The beaches are great, but within three hours of San Diego and Los Angeles, there are also forests, 10,000-plus foot peaks, wildflowers, and snow creeks.
Narrowing the list of epic day and weekend trips in my backyard is extremely difficult. Each time I research a specific recreation area or National Forest, I add more trails to my already never-ending list. ...

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Brooks Catamount Trail Runner Review

hen I first rolled up to the trailhead in my spotless, snow-white Brooks Catamount trail runners, I felt compelled to hold a backcountry dirt baptism for them in the closest puddle of mud. The pressure of waiting for those inevitable first scuffs felt unbearable, and I just wanted to get it over with.  I managed to exercise a level of restraint normally reserved for not eating that last Snickers bar two days out from resupply and hit the trail sans-dirt. ...

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Our Favourite Films based in Barcelona

One of the best things about watching films is that you can recognise the odd street corner, familiar scenery or even a favourite city.

When somewhere has a sentimental value, it is enjoyable to remind yourself of this place. Whether it is where you and a friend have visited, you have been there with a partner or your family, it holds a place in your memory.

Barcelona as a city is held by all visitors to this high regard, with it being where memories are made by all.

One of the best ways to reimagine and give a new life to these memories, if you cannot visit the place, is by watching it on film. This way you can point out where you are familiar, so that you can imagine yourself in the scene. 


Here are our favourite films which are based in Barcelona

Barcelona, Whit Stillman, 1994

The clue is in the name for this first one. Written and directed by Whit Stillman, this American comedy-drama takes place in our wonderful city. Ted, a Chicago salesman, lives and works in Barcelona during the 1980s, when his cousin, Fred, comes to stay. Fred, who is a U.S naval officer, comes to stay as he gets things into place for the arrival of a touring fleet. These cousins have had an up-and-down relationship that culminates in this film. Both young and single, the film follows them as they try the dating scene in Barcelona, which leads Ted into a work-related issue. This film is a great one to watch for anyone missing Barcelona, with many notable spots all over the city, it is an ideal way to remind yourself of our wonderful city, having fun in the process!

Places to look out for:

Av. Reina Maria Cristina, Barcelona Cathedral, El Born, Columbus Monument, Palau de la Música, Passeig de Gràcia and Hospital de Sant Pau


All About My Mother, Pedro Almodóvar, 1999

The last on our list of top 5 films based in Barcelona is a spanish-language film, directed by Pedro Almodóvar and also features Penélope Cruz. This film follows Manuela, an Argentine nurse and single mother to Esteban, a teenager with a dream of becoming a writer. A tragic event leads to Esteban’s death and leads Manuela to tie up loose ends in her life. Such as moving to Barcelona in search of Esteban’s father, a trans-woman named Lola, whom Manuela never told had a son. A powerful story that deals with very complex issues, like AIDS, homosexuality, transsexualism, faith and human nature; this film was ahead of its time and received world write success for the story it tells. Being set in Barcelona, this film gives you a strong story to learn about, in a familiar setting. We hope you enjoy them all.

Places to look out for:

Palau de la Música, Hospital del Mar and Sagrada Familia


The Passenger, Michelangelo Antonioni, 1975

A noir film, The Passenger begins its story with TV journalist, David Locke, staying in a hotel near the Sahara whilst making a documentary on post-colonial Africa. In the hotel he befriends an English businessman, Robertson. Robertson passes away suddenly and Locke steals his friend’s identity in order to start a new life for himself, persuading the hotel owners that the deceased person was Locke, not Robertson. This leads to Locke’s family wanting to track down “Robertson” in order to find more out about his alleged death. This search brings Martin, a friend of Locke, to Barcelona where a close encounter gives the film tension. Watch this brilliant film to find out how it ends!

Places to look out for:

Las Ramblas, Parc de la Ciutadella, La Pedrera and Palau Güell


Pot Luck, Cédric Klapisch, 2002

Pot Luck, also known asThe Spanish Apartment, is a french-spanish language film written and directed by Cédrick Kalpisch. The story of this film is about an economics student in his Erasmus year in Barcelona. Here, the protagonist Xavier lives in shared student accommodation with fellow students from all over Western Europe. Showing how different cultures mix together in a new environment, this feel-good film shows comradery, life-choices and friendship in a refreshing way. Making for a very enjoyable film that is set in Barcelona. Giving you a chance to relive your memories of our wonderful city.

Places to look out for:

University of Barcelona, Sagrada Familia, Parc Güell, Plaça Reial, Via Laietana and Barceloneta beach


Vicky Cristina Barcelona, Woody Allen, 2008

This film has some very famous faces in it, with Penélope Cruz, Scarlett Johansson and Javier Bardem, playing the main parts. Directed by Woody Allen, this rom-com focuses on two American women, Vicky and Cristina, as they spend a summer in Barcelona. When here, they meet artist Juan Antonio and the complicated love story in Barcelona begins. Juan, who enjoys the attention of both Vicky and Cristina still has a confused relationship with his ex-wife, María. This film was shot all over the city and unfolds in a dramatic way. With some great actors, this is easily one of the best films set in Barcelona.

Places to look out for:

Gothic Quarter, Santa María del Mar, Port Olimpíc, Las Ramblas, Parc Güell, La Pedrera, Sagrada Familia and Tibidabo.


Can You Use a Backpacking Water Filter After It’s Been Frozen?

Most hiking and backpacking water filters must be replaced if they’ve been frozen.  When it gets too cold to keep a water filter from freezing, your best bet is to switch to chemical purification using chlorine dioxide in liquid or tablet form (Aquamira water purification drops or Katadyn chlorine dioxide tablets) or purifying your water …

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The Sangres: Colorado’s Hidden Gem

Between not having cell connection the rest of my hike and moving across the continent, I never posted any updates for the rest of the San Luis Loop (oops!). Rather than try to continue on with my sassy narrative, I will just be posting what I wrote in my journal with some added annotations. Hopefully, if I get bored over the winter I will go back and add some more detail. Until then, here is the next much awaited installment of the SLL 2020!

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Meet Ambreen Tariq, The Activist Behind Brown People Camping

mbreen Tariq is a Muslim, an immigrant, an activist, and an outdoor enthusiast.  She describes herself as a proud feminist and an advocate for social justice in American society. She’s the founder of @BrownPeopleCamping, a social media initiative that uses digital storytelling to celebrate people of color in the outdoor community. Ambreen is also the author of Fatima’s Great Outdoors, a children’s picture book centering on an immigrant family embarking on their first camping trip.
@BrownPeopleCamping uplifts and amplifies the voices of those who face obstacles to participating in outdoor recreation.  ...

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Xero Shoes Naboso Trail Sport Sandal Review

Hiking in sandals isn’t for everybody, and hiking in minimalist sandals is surely for fewer still.
But if you’ve learned to appreciate hiking in thin-soled sandals in the right situation, Xero Shoes makes several models that are both durable and comfortable. I’ve now hiked at least 300 miles wearing their Z Trail hiking sandals, and it’s become part of my standard gear for use on trail or in camp.
I’ve held off on reviewing the Xero Shoes Naboso Trail Sport Sandal for many months. ...

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Enlightened Equipment Recon Bivy Review

The Enlightened Equipment Recon Bivy is an ultralight bivy sack with a waterproof bathtub floor and a combination of mesh and breathable water-resistant fabric on the top. The layout of materials makes it very resistant to condensation while also providing splash protection when used under a tarp. It is well-constructed, with lots of attention to …

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