Why Summer Corn Can Make You More Chill

At the farmers market, buy foods rich in pre- and probiotics—like corn, watermelon, and cabbage, plus yogurt and farmer cheese. These help regulate the gut microbiome, which may make you less stressed, finds a review of research in General Psychiatry. This strong correlation between food and anxiety is evidence of the “gut-brain axis.” A diet […]

Workout of the Month: The 40-Pushup Challenge

Pushups are the ultimate adapter exercise. They can be done anywhere. They recruit more than half the muscles in the upper body, as well as much of the core. And they’re safe to do. Turns out, they’re also a measurement of overall health. A study in the Journal of the American Medical Association Open Network […]

Italian Stuffed Peppers

I have a fresh twist on a house favorite today: Italian Stuffed Peppers. Sweet bell peppers stuffed with a savory blend of ground chicken or turkey, Italian herbs and cheeses, and the whole grain of your choice, each stuffed pepper is its own tidy and complete healthy dinner package. A few weeks ago, I baked […]

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What a Whiskey’s Age Statement Really Means

If there’s been one central theme to every major whiskey story of the last decade, it has been age: The rare Pappy Van Winkle 23 so coveted that an actual heist occurred, the absurdly old 72-year-old Macallan release, thinly stretched bourbon makers who dropped numbers from their bottles so they could use younger whiskeys to […]

The Golfer’s Four-Day Weekend in Monterey and Carmel

There’s a spot, along the the sixth fairway, where the curtain of trees is pulled back and the Pacific comes quickly and sharply into focus. It’s the first look you get at an unrivaled, five-hole vivant tableau and the place where the shock and awe of Pebble Beach begins to overtake your senses. From here […]
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