The ‘Game of Thrones’ Booze Guide You Need for This Season

The final season of Game of Thrones begins on April 14. But before you settle in to watch all the action, make sure you have a tasty beverage on hand: Here are three admittedly gimmicky but definitely tasty GOT-branded libations to sip while watching.   Courtesy image CARDHU House Targaryen Gold Reserve Single Malt Scotch […]

10 Reasons to Explore Namibia, the Wildest Country on the Planet

Of all the epic adventures around the world, none quite compare to the quintessential African safari. Ask any intrepid traveler what their dream trip would be, and chances are a journey through Africa is bound to make an appearance—if not top the list. Between its mesmerizing sceneries, fascinating wildlife, and colorful cultures, it’s no wonder […]

Overnight French Toast

Your future self (and all of your future brunch guests) just wrote to thank you for this Overnight French Toast! This recipe is sponsored by the Grain Foods Foundation. Pillowy soft slices of bread soaked in a cinnamon-, maple-, and vanilla-spiked egg mixture, showered in cinnamon-sugar fairy dust, then baked until it’s lightly golden on […]

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On Machines

From pulleys and ropes to benches and barbells, exercise machines can be super confusing — and super intimidating. Our experts tell you how to avoid injury and get on the fast track to fit.

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