The Best Online Yoga Classes to Practice At Home

It’s no secret that yoga has health benefits for all. The age-old practice reduces stress, combats anxiety, increases concentration, builds strength, increases flexibility, and helps prevent injuries. With many countries still on pandemic lockdown, and with gyms and studios closed or unable to offer classes, now, more than ever, is a good time to incorporate […]

5 Multi-Purpose Towels That Are Perfect for Summertime

Whether your pleasure is hiking to a remote backcountry site, lounging on a beach, or simply hanging out at a local park, a trusty towel will certainly simplify your experience. Plush, oversized towels are a thing of the past, and compact, microfiber towels with versatile uses has replaced them. Rather than owning a beach blanket, […]

The Pivot: How Chef Omar Tate Is Shifting Gears During the Pandemic

In 2018 Omar Tate traveled to South Carolina to the plantation on which his ancestors were enslaved. For Tate, who’d been cooking in Philadelphia and New York for a decade, the experience helped nourish what he calls the “equitable and truthful roots” of his pop-up, Honeysuckle. Pre-COVID-19, Tate was hosting four to five dinners a […]

5 Gravel Bikes to Rule the Off Road

Gravel bikes used to be a mixed bag of road racers on fat tires and mountain bikes with drop bars, but snagging an all-terrain ride that’s fast on the street and over soil is easier than ever. 5 Gravel Bikes to Rule the Off Road 1. Ritte Satyr (above) To deliver the springy, comfortable feel […]

This Serene Ski Edit Is Everything We Love About Skiing Powder

Close your eyes. Breathe in. Hold it for a few seconds. Exhale. You’re standing at the top of your favorite line. It’s early, and the crisp morning air and bright sunshine accentuate the glinting snow crystals—which lie untouched. You know the rolling terrain and perfectly spaced trees before you like the way home. Visualize your […]

The World’s Best Waves Were Completely Empty During the COVID-19 Lockdown

COVID-19 coincided with a couple of amazing swells. With basically the entire world on Coronavirus lockdown from mid-March until early May, a handful of iconic spots had at least one all-time day during a once-in-a-lifetime window where nobody was allowed in the ocean. At J-Bay, 6-foot corduroy perfection marched through Supertubes, empty for the first […]
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