Nutrient-Packed (and Easy-to-Make) Smoothie Alternatives

Who hates scraping bits from the blender after making a smoothie? Busy, active people need healthy fruit, veggie, and protein mixes that are easier to make – and to clean up. “Smoothies are not my deal,” Ashley Ellis, RDN, a dietitian who specializes in sports nutrition, eating disorders, and gut health for Essential Nutrition in […]

How to Pick the Best Climbing Shoe for Your Foot

Climbing shoes can be a complicated purchase, especially when you are first starting out. Even for long-time climbers who haven’t quite found that exact fit, the quest for the perfect shoe can sometimes seem endless. The sheer number of options can feel overwhelming, but knowing the basics can help you make a more informed decision. […]

Mark McMorris and Friends Summertime Shredding on Mt. Hood

The onslaught continues from Mt. Hood, with Mark McMorris the latest to check in with a highlight reel from the last couple weeks at Timberline. If the FOMO wasn’t hitting hard enough already, it’s surely kicking in now. Featuring Mark McMorris, Luke Winkelmann, Judd Henkes, Jake Canter, Brock Crouch and Maria Thomsen. Film and edit: […]

The Newest ‘Whisky of the Year’ Award for This Dewar’s Line Is Just Another on the Pile

After just a year on the market, the accolades keep piling up for Dewar’s Double Double line of blended whiskies. Last month, the 32-year-old version in the Dewar’s line won “Whisky of the Year” from a spirits competition called the International Whisky Competition. Dewar’s Double Double line of whiskies is the most recent premium addition […]

Stir Fry Noodles

The next time cooking dinner feels like a drag, make these Stir Fry Noodles. Whole grain noodles tossed with a heap of vegetables (whichever ones you have around) and your protein of choice (we used chicken) in a shortcut stir fry sauce, what we have here is a Class-A Weeknight Wonder. This noodle stir fry […]

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The Burger: How to Perfect an American Classic

Many of us have settled for mediocre burgers for much of our life. We buy organic, farm-raised beef but then overcook it until it’s dry and tough, hoping that if we drown it in condiments it’ll take on the flavor we’re looking for. It won’t. Read up on some of the top tips for upping […]

Lane Eight Gives Sustainable Upgrade to Trainer AD 1 Cross Trainer

While some brands are in the collective arms race to create newer, fancier gear and gadgets, others have their heads down, forging ahead to make their hallmark pieces more sustainable and earth-friendly. Today we’re highlighting Lane Eight, who just launched a new version of their popular cross training shoe, the Trainer AD 1. This collection […]
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