This Serene Ski Edit Is Everything We Love About Skiing Powder

Close your eyes. Breathe in. Hold it for a few seconds. Exhale. You’re standing at the top of your favorite line. It’s early, and the crisp morning air and bright sunshine accentuate the glinting snow crystals—which lie untouched. You know the rolling terrain and perfectly spaced trees before you like the way home. Visualize your […]

The World’s Best Waves Were Completely Empty During the COVID-19 Lockdown

COVID-19 coincided with a couple of amazing swells. With basically the entire world on Coronavirus lockdown from mid-March until early May, a handful of iconic spots had at least one all-time day during a once-in-a-lifetime window where nobody was allowed in the ocean. At J-Bay, 6-foot corduroy perfection marched through Supertubes, empty for the first […]

Stuffed Zucchini

An overload of zucchini is a summer tradition that I look forward to with gusto every season. I adore both the challenge of creating unique ways to prepare it and revisiting my absolute favorite zucchini recipes, starting with Stuffed Zucchini. These zesty stuffed zucchini are packed with Italian-inspired ingredients like Italian turkey sausage, tomatoes, and […]

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Rivian 2021 Electric R1T Truck Targets Outdoor Athletes

In 2016, when Rivian was still hiding in the shadows and quietly building the world’s first electric off-road vehicles, Larry Parker, creative director for the brand, got inspired by outdoor adventure photographer/filmmaker and author Ben Moon. Parker liked the feel of Moon’s surfing and climbing images, and he liked Moon’s personal story and his relationship […]

How This Marine Biologist Uses Art to Bridge the Gap Between Us and Science

In an effort to encourage public engagement with science, translators play a vital role in bridging the gap between us and research. These scientific storytellers help distill dry, monotonous textbook writing, and turn it into something that inspires, educates, and motivates people to learn more. Scientific storytelling can take a lot of different forms. Teachers, […]
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