Australia’s Famed Noosa Break Officially Named 10th World Surfing Reserve

When it comes to picturesque surfing destinations across the planet, it doesn’t get much more perfect than Noosa Heads in Queensland, Australia. Offering up emerald green water, beautiful rocky shoreline dotted with trees, and a perfect little roping right-hand point break, Noosa is the epitome of what longboard surfing is all about. Today (Feb. 21), […]

Taste Test: Los Sundays Blanco Tequila

There’s a theory that people prefer Fridays to Sundays. It’s counterintuitive, but the lighter Friday thought of the weekend ahead (even though a workday) creates more satisfaction than an actual day off, which carries the heavier weight of an impending Monday. Nonsense. We humbly disagree and wholeheartedly celebrate Sundays as a day to be alive. […]

Everything You Need to Know to Get Into Freshwater SUP Fishing

The standup paddleboard trend seems to have been taking over the outdoor space in recent years. It’s hard to venture to a lake, river, or shoreline without seeing the the hefty boards out and about, paddlers easily navigating the water with seemingly effortless strokes. SUPs present a solid workout opportunity, a fun floating option for […]

Watch: A Day in the Life of an Alta Ski Patroller

Alta is the birthplace of snow science in the United States. It became so, not merely out of curiosity, but by necessity. The town was nearly wiped out by avalanches multiple times in the early 19th century. And the snow continues to fall. Earlier this month, avalanches cut off resort access for 52 hours. So […]

The Essentials You Need to Build a Better Bar Cart

If you’re here, odds are you’re tired of stashing your liquor and glassware in odd cabinets in your kitchen. Your finest bottles and family heirlooms deserve to be on display. You need a bar cart. From a convenience perspective, if not for the aesthetics it adds to your home or apartment, a bar cart makes […]

Recipe: Citrus-Braised Short Ribs With Star Anise and Cocoa

You say you like spicy food. But when was the last time you cooked with, say, sumac? Or Urfa pepper? The fact is, there’s a whole universe of flavor that even hardcore home cooks seldom deploy. Lior Lev Sercarz, owner of the New York City spice shop La Boîte and spice consigliere to superstar chefs […]

Crock Pot Pepper Steak

I’m not sure if I subconsciously selected my friends based on their willingness to share bites of whatever they ordered for dinner with me, but THANK GOODNESS a good girlfriend let me taste her Chinese pepper steak when we went out for Asian last week. Were it not for her generosity, this Crock Pot Pepper […]

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