The Best Home Office Gear Upgrades

With all the time you’ve been working from home the last few months, you might have noticed—as we have—that to do it efficiently, you need more than a laptop and a kitchen table. Whether it’s plowing through emails to reach inbox zero or Zoom calls, upgrading a few pieces of gear can help you work […]

33-Time World Cup Winner Bode Miller Launches Online Ski Academy

When Bode Miller officially retired from ski racing in 2017, the natural question sports journalists asked was, “Who’s next?” Now Miller himself hopes to answer that question. Partnering with the Institute for Civic Leadership Academy, a private online school for grades 7-12, Miller is launching the Bode Miller winter sports academy—a fully accredited, full-time online […]

Hit The Road This Summer With These Hoka One Running Shoes

DISCLAIMER: Sponsored content. Men’s Journal receives compensation for this article as well as for purchases made when you click on a link and buy something below.   August is here and the sun is still shining down on us. Lots of summer left for us. Which is good news for those of y’all that like […]

Record Book: Meet America’s Forgotten Long-Distance Legend

Sixty-year-old Bill Nedderman is the adventure sports legend you’ve never heard of. And he would be fine keeping it that way, going about his business of making long-distance, self-propelled journeys the central pillar of his life. The Iowan has racked up an incredible 150,000 miles of travel under his own power since 1980. Nedderman was […]

How To Eat Healthy (and Keep Your Food Fresh) on the Road

Additional reporting and photos by Caroline Whatley. Traveling in our van has led to some amazing experiences. Epic sunsets, some really great trail runs, meeting new people and way too many campfires to remember. We love what we’re doing, but our nomadic life does present some challenges, one of which is maintaining a healthy diet […]
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