In Remembrance: The High-Five

There are things you never guess you’ll miss until they’re gone. For me, the high-five is the biggest one. In my home of Revelstoke, British Columbia, the pandemic hit at a weird time. It was an epic winter and we were buried under crazy amounts of snow. Some years you can start riding here in […]

Burton Cancels 2021 US Open Snowboarding Championships

Since its inception at Vermont’s Suicide Six in 1982, the Burton US Open has grown into of the premiere events in the competitive snowboard landscape. The now iconic event moved to a new home at Vail in 2013, where it has run every year since. Tuesday, Burton announced the cancellation of what would have been […]

Ode to Macrobrews: How Lone Star Won the Beer Alamo

They say things are bigger in Texas. Houston’s San Jacinto Monument was built 13 feet taller than the Washington Monument to commemorate 10 years of independence as the Republic of Texas. On top, there’s a 220-ton concrete star, the official symbol of the Lone Star state. Unofficially, perhaps the biggest symbolic middle finger in America. […]

How COVID-19 Will Change the Future of Backcountry Skiing

When ski resorts closed in March due to the onslaught of the COVID-19 pandemic, many skiers would not be deterred from getting their turns. With unused season pass days snatched away, they took to the backcountry to get their skiing fix. Out-of-bounds dabblers and novices joined the dedicated backcountry skiers and showed up at trailheads […]

Bush Pilot Greg McDougall Is Creating an All-Electric Fleet of Airplanes

IT WAS cold on the morning of December 10, 2019, in Richmond, British Columbia, when 63-year-old pilot Greg McDougall took off in his 63-year-old floatplane and flew into history. As far as flights go, it was wholly unremarkable. McDougall, the CEO and founder of Harbour Air—the world’s largest seaplane airliner, based in Vancouver, Washington—was in […]

Tempeh Tacos

Whatever your relationship status with tempeh—adore it, distrust it, think you saw it on a menu once but now you’re not quite sure—these sweet and smoky Tempeh Tacos will sweep you off of your Tex Mex-loving feet. A jazzy blend of southwest spices, shredded sweet potatoes (which in a pro-level veggie sneak all but disappear […]

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Warren Buffett’s Advice for Investing in the Age of COVID-19

COVID-19 has caused disruption and uncertainty across the globe, and not only in terms of public health. If you’ve read financial headlines lately—or dared to take a peek at your 401(k)—you’ve seen that the stock market took a massive nosedive in March, with major indexes like the Dow Jones and S&P 500 posting double-digit losses. […]

Why Boosting Your Immune System Makes You Feel Sicker (And 8 Other Facts That Will Protect Your Health)

“You have a supercharged immune system…and that is why you’re so sick.” I’ll never forget the words from my immunologist. It was the same speculation I heard a week earlier from my oncologist, right after a relieving conversation where she shared that I didn’t have cancer. If I’m being open, this was the third time […]

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How to Prevent (and Treat) Tick Bites

Ticks were once considered just an annoying insect. Now they’re a veritable health hazard. With the rise in Lyme disease, a potentially serious medical condition transmitted through the bacteria in infected adults and even babies, the deer tick has become enemy number one. Photo: KPixMining/Shutterstock Put simply, ticks are not worth messing around with. You […]
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