America’s Best Ski-Town Beers

There’s nothing better than cracking a cold one after a hard day crushing the slopes. But you don’t have to settle for a tailgate PBR. More and more craft breweries are popping up near ski resorts, bringing their fresh and creative suds to the schussing masses. The following are our favorite ski-town beers to put on […]

6 Tips for Buying Used Outdoor Gear

The internet is rife with used gear that people need to off-load. One look online or a quick stop at your local secondhand shop can leave you dizzy sorting the overly wide array of options. Some gear is so dated that it’s best left for decorative wall-hanging only (think: snowshoes the size of wooden tennis […]

These Epic Hot Springs Adventures Are Worth the Hike

Stunning photos of steaming hot springs in places like Iceland, Italy, and Turkey litter social media feeds. But you don’t need a passport or even a plane ticket to find geothermal pools. There are (literal) hot spots throughout the U.S. that’ve capitalized on pools heated by volcanic bedrock. Spa resorts like Ojo Caliente Mineral Springs […]

Bible of Bike Trail Guide: Park City’s Wasatch Crest

“The best riding is outside the park” is the mountain biker’s version of, “I’m more into their old stuff.” There’s something rewarding about going beyond the ultra-curated network of lift-access trails to find something a little more raw and organic that makes you work a little harder if you want to reach it. And that […]

The Best Mezcals to Drink Neat and in Cocktails

If you’re brand new to mezcal, you’ve probably been introduced to the agave liquor in a cocktail. (Before we get into the nitty gritty, read this explainer on how mezcal differs from tequila.) The spirit has an intense smokiness. It’s the master of giving a sultry makeover to margaritas and negronis; counterbalancing a tart punch; […]

Andy Samberg Has the Perfect Spring Haircut. Here’s How to Get It

For the March 2020 issue, on newsstands now, Andy Samberg honored lumberjacks of yore, with an axe and everything. But there were a couple things missing (intentionally) from his look: Samberg traded the big, bushy beard for some dialed-back scruff, and ditched the hat in order to showcase his wavy, bountiful hair. His grooming sits squarely […]
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