NEW TO THE VAN FAM: Kennedi Deck

The Vans Snow team got an update, meet the newest addition by the name of Kennedi Deck. FROM VANS: HI KENNEDI DECK! Vans Snow is proud to welcome Kennedi Deck to the family. Hailing from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, and currently residing in Calgary, Kennedi’s raw talent and creative drive are reflected through snowboarding, as well as […]

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PHOTOG: Jaysson Gallant

Only three years deep into his photo career and Jaysson Gallant is making a name for himself and the riders he shoots. Gawking at his photos is easy, and lucky for us, tracking him down during #ronaszn was just as easy. Meet Jaysson Gallant, the man behind these jaw-dropper shots. FAST FACTS: JAYSSON GALLANT Hometown: […]

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Breathwork for better Boardwork

By guest author Vanessa Werner an avid snowboarder and owner of Four Directions Breathwork. You take 26,000 breaths a day. Above food and water, breath is the most vital nutrient required for survival, with its expansion and contraction the necessary movement of life-force. Through its animating quality, breath gives the body its living essence and […]

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Levitation. Teaser #1

Levitation is a short film about snowboarding filmed in the Sea to Sky Coastal Mountain Range. FEATURING: Aiden Hryciw, Keenan Filmer, Geoff Brown, Will Kovacic, Brin James Alexander, Jack Dobson, Anthony Stefanizzi, Tyler Morton, Jason Fleury, Hugo Serra, Ryan Wilkinson, Miles Fortoloczky and Adrian Tongko. DIRECTOR + FILMER + EDITOR: Gabriel Ostapchuk OTHER LEVITATION FILMERS: […]

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ART ATTACK: Sean Lucey

Sean Lucey, known more for his impressive filming career in the snowboard industry has been dabbling in another artistic medium which has landed him here, on a Snowboard Canada art attack feature. Hi, tell the people who you are, please.SL: My name is Sean Lucey and I am a snowboard filmer from Seattle, WA How […]

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WHATCHA DOING: Taylor Godber

In the “Whatcha Doing” series, we’re asking our favorite snowboarders what’s keeping them busy during isolation. On this “Whatcha Doing,” we catch up with North Face Athlete Taylor Godber. Hi Taylor! TAYLOR GODBER BIO She’s grounded, soulful and shredful. If Taylor’s into it, she’s passionate about it – from painting masterpieces to kitchen masterpieces to impressive snowboard […]

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