Congrats to These 2019 Appalachian Trail Thru-Hikers: June 23-July 9

Congratulations to all of the early-bird 2019 finishers out there! Whether it is your first thru, or you’ve added another notch to your long-distance-backpacking belt, your accomplishment deserves to be celebrated. We’ll do our part by showcasing finishers throughout the season. This post contains finishers whose photos were received by July 9.

Whether you’re NOBO, SOBO, flip-flopping, or completing your thru-hike after years of section hiking, we want to feature you. Send your finish photo along with trail name, start date, finish date, and any other relevant info to [email protected] and we will include it in our roundup.


March 1 – June 24

Garden State and Baskets

March 1 – June 25

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The Frubble (Front/Friend Bubble)

July 1

Members include: Scamper*, Comet, Dr. Thunder, Indigo*, Legolas, Physics, Classic, Flamingo, Starfish, Frosting, and Snow White.

*Scamper and Indigo started around Allentown, PA, and Indigo started in Bland, VA. Indigo plans to flip-flop this year. Everyone else started at Springer.

Dr. Thunder

July 1

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Resident Daddy (RD)

Feb. 24 – July 3

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Jan. 1 – July 4

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