THE LITTLE THINGS with Annie Boulanger

It’s true, the little things do make a difference. Originating in print, “The Little Things” series picks professional riders’ brains about what creature comforts they’ve learned they can’t live without. First up, Annie Boulanger, a snowboarder that takes it all on, literally, an all-mountain rider.


With big dreams of riding in the backcountry, Annie Boulanger moved from Montreal to Whistler without a second thought. Her first few Whistler years were filled with competitions and has since transitioned to filming in the backcountry where she found her one true love, powder.

Years Snowboarding: 26

Hometown: Montreal, QC

Current Hometown: Whistler, BC


● Transceiver

● Shovel

● Probe

● Mammut Avalanche Airbag

● Emergency Blanket

● Lots of Chocolate

● Glacier Glasses

● Zinc Sunscreen

● Heated Socks

● Duct Tape

● Thermos with Warm Soup

● Extra Toque

● Extra Goggles

● Extra Dakine Gloves

● Dakine Base Scraper

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