WAST3D YOUTH, the final installment.

In their regular spicy tone – that’s why we love em – the film couldn’t be introduced any other way…

Many said it couldn’t be done. Most said it wouldn’t be done and all the rest (including themselves) said it shouldn’t be done, but here we are. The third and hopefully final installment in WASTED YOUTH’S long and suffering snowboard movie endeavor: WAST3D YOUTH is a product of two years of hard work, hangovers and hatred for all things good and pure in this world.

If not for each other’s overarching desire to see one another perish at the hand of Old Man Winter, this movie may not have come to fruition. Fortunately, the only thing they despise more than each other is you, the viewer, the audience, Joe Regular Guy. And for that reason they would feel remiss not to let you know that they didn’t make this movie for you, they made it for themselves, for WASTED YOUTH, so if you don’t like the movie, they don’t give a care. Enjoy. Or don’t, whatever. Here it is.


Featuring: Taylor Roberts, Dozer, Blood Money Son aka Big Rig, Khattar aka Dragon, Sean Barrett aka Sinner, Seb Grondin, Jess Kimura, Jocoah Sorrenson, Chris Boyd, Dustin Craven, Johan Rosen, and Big Sexy Keith Martin aka The Rick Flair of Snowboarding.

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