The Best Cold-Weather Bedroom Upgrades

If you’re prone to overheating at night during the warmer months, fall brings a welcomed reprieve: the return of plush comforters and flannel sheets. Of course cooler temperatures come with some downfalls. The air in your home is drier and less humid, which saps the moisture from your skin and causes you to wake with a scratchy throat. Luckily there are simple bedroom upgrades that can address the change of seasons.

Note: If you really want to perfect your bedroom, you should also consider a mattress overhaul, especially if you’re sleeping on one that’s well past its prime (aka it’s sagging in the middle and no longer offers support). We’ve put together a list of bedroom upgrades for fall and winter that will transform your space instantly. From bedding to mattresses, pillows to electronics, here’s what to invest in now for a healthier, more restful night’s sleep.

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