The Best Adventure Travel Essentials That’ll Last You (Almost) Forever

Adventure travel essentials have to do it all. They have to exist on the cusp of sport performance but maintain an everyday sense of style and sensibility. That’s true for weekend trips touring America’s finest fall destinations or under-the-radar European cities.

You need apparel, shoes, and accessories with infallible crossover. A pair of pants has to have the stretch and durability to accommodate an impromptu sunrise scramble up a peak, but look sharp enough to wear in a café. You need boots that are plenty resilient to take on slick streets and messy trails with enough style points to post up at a brewpub. And a backpack with the technical specs to withstand planes and parks, but the sleekness of an everyday hauler.

In short: You need smart, dependable layers that are complementary and indispensable. To help you discern the maybes from the must-haves, here’s a list of adventure travel essentials that’ll stand the test of time. With the exception of alpine jackets for mountaineering and rain shells for rugged treks, these are the basics you can turn to for all your upcoming fall and winter trips.

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