The Best Running Shoes Under $100

In theory, running is a minimalist sport—all you need is a good pair of sneakers. If you haven’t noticed, though, a good pair of sneakers will cost you upwards of $200. Great kicks don’t just protect your feet from the repeated impact that comes from striking the pavement mile after mile, but they also store energy when your foot hits the ground, using that energy to propel you forward, making running feel easier. That said, you can still score a pair of stellar running shoes for under $100.

They might not have the NASA-level technology integrated throughout that helps elite runners pull off extraordinary running feats—but if you’re just a casual runner, and your budget is in the $100 range, then that’s okay. Most running shoes on the market are outfitted with soft, supportive foam; breathable knit uppers; and stylish designs.

We put together a list of running shoes from trusted brands like—Nike, Asics, and New Balance—that are affordable and dependable. Check out nine of the best budget buys (all under $100) you can find for fall/winter 2019-20.

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