Take a (Virtual) Vacation to Puerto Rico This Weekend

Let’s face it: We’re all getting a bit stir-crazy stuck at home during COVID-19 lockdowns. You’ve already cleaned every corner of your home, your list of shows to stream is getting shorter by the day, your children are likely bouncing off the walls, and your pets, well, they’re staring deep into your soul for explanation.

How nice does a relaxing vacation far off the beaten path sound? With international travel as the last thing on your mind, we have an excellent solution for you: Experience the beautiful culture of Puerto Rico … virtually.

This weekend (Mar. 27-29) Discover Puerto Rico will be hosting multiple live events for anybody looking for a fun, creative and culturally enriching escape from this self-quarantined world we currently live in. These events include salsa dancing lessons, a cocktail mixing class, and an authentic Puerto Rican cooking demo. Each of these events will be hosted live by experts in their respective fields.

“We take great responsibility in helping stop the spread of COVID-19, so we’re not encouraging travelers to visit us right now as everyone needs to stay safe in their homes,” said Brad Dean, CEO of Discover Puerto Rico. “Instead, we want to extend an important part of our culture—our salsa music and dancing, our mixology and our delicious cuisine—to uplift people during these challenging times.”

With no end to broad self-quarantined lockdowns in sight, consider this a simple option to look forward to in the next few days. Trust us, your friends will be quite impressed when this is all over and you emerge from your house with salsa-dancing skills. Just sayin’.

Below is the full lineup for this weekend’s live events. Happy (virtual) travels!

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