C’est La Vie #24

Danish pastries in Copenhagen, including a sesame braid, cinnamon bun, and apple croissant

Danish pastries in Copenhagen, including a sesame braid, cinnamon bun, and apple croissant


Is our collective thought “OCTOBER?! When did that happen?” I know mine is.

I’m typing this from 20,000 feet above a rectangle-shaped midwestern state, while sipping Fresca. Fresca, when available, is my airplane drink of choice. Or tomato juice. I know. Tomato juice is vile everywhere outside of planes (and bloody marys), but the altitude makes me crave it. Anyone else?

I’m en route to Park City, Utah, where I’m attending a James Beard house preview dinner hosted by Deer Valley Resort (pinch me!!!). I’ll be sharing tasty clips on my Instagram story if you’d like to follow along. I’ll also be doing a bit of hiking and hope to catch some of the beautiful fall colors scattered among the mountain trees.

While we cruise, here are a few of my latest favorite finds, including a kitchen tool that will cut down on your dishes, the cutest on-sale sweater, the cookbooks that are inspiring me most, and a controversial article on…tuna noodle casserole. You are going to love these!

Madewell (my favorite clothing store) is having an EPIC 30% OFF sale! Top picks: this adorable sweater (the sleeves!), this cuddly coat, the cute, comfy sweater I wear at least 2x per week, the perfect cotton v-neck tee, a wrap dress that’s actually flattering on everyone, the adorable (and comfy!) yellow dress that I am wearing in this picture.

An Easy Trick to Cut Down on Dishes. Buy a bigger cutting board! I purchased this extra-large cutting board (the 18×30 size) when I was testing recipes for my cookbook, and I don’t know how I lived without it. I can now cut a variety of veggies all on the same board without them piling up and spilling onto the counter, crowding my workspace, or having to stop to wash the cutting board as I go.

Latest Book I Loved. The Year of Living Danishly. I initially picked it after our trip to Copenhagen, but it’s great read even if you’ve never been to Denmark. I especially recommend it if you’ve ever mulled the idea of “work/life balance.” The writing is humorous, and it’s lightly thought provoking and fun.

Book I’m Currently Reading. Being Mortal. I’m 70% through, and it is deeply thought-provoking and very worthwhile.

Most Popular Recipe on My Site Right Now. Slow Cooker Honey Garlic Chicken. Have you tried it yet?

New Cookbooks I’m Loving. Sababa(the recipes are GORGEOUS, fresh, and inspiring!). Two Peas and Their Pod Cookbook(beyond solid. See this Cauliflower Chowder for a preview).

A Inexpensive Fix for Dark Circles/Puffy Eyes. These eye masks! I’ve used them after two red eye flights (including one to Europe), and they noticeably reduced the dark circles/puff factor of my under eyes. I don’t use them every day; just if I have an event that I care about looking nice for, and I didn’t get a good night sleep the evening prior.

The Most Delightfully Irreverent (and perhaps accurate) Tuna Noodle Casserole Recipe. I was laughing out loud (warning: contains some explicit language). I sent this to my mom and her reaction was “Yes. But leave out the peas.”

Pumpkin Décor Items at Target I Can’t Live Without. I’ll take one large, one medium, and one houndstooth.

Speaking of Pumpkin. This pumpkin pie is everything.

Thanks for reading! Any favorite finds of your own? I’d love to hear about them in the comments section below.

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