Kammok UL Camp Kit Review

Kammok’s Ultralight Camp Kit is a minimalist backpacking hammock setup that includes the: Roo Single UL Hammock, The Kuhli UL tarp, and the Python 10 UL Hammock Suspension Straps. These three elements are also sold separately. Hammockers who are sleeping anywhere below 75*F will also need to add top and bottom insulation to this system, …

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Does Montana Even Have A Summer?

Back on the trail again! Craig from Lazy B’s Pizzeria dropped Giggles, Josh, and I off at the Benchmark Trailhead, and we hopped straight onto a Ley alternate that cut off about four miles of official trail.
Not all of the alternates Ley suggests are shorter: some are supposed to be more scenic, provide access to water, or go cross-country onto the actual divide.
This one went down the road a bit, then on single track around a lake and straight back to the CDT. ...

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Hello Bob, Goodbye Earl: East Glacier to the Benchmark Trailhead

Town! The internet! Perishable foods! Sometimes it’s hard to leave. I insisted on going to the bakery one last time. Josh called MSR to figure out the problem of our new tent body not matching our old tent fly. We left our resupply grocery shopping until after lunch, and Giggles, Josh, and I didn’t walk out until mid-afternoon.
I was on the phone with my brother, holding my grizzly roll (it’s a huckleberry cinnamon roll) and trekking poles in the other hand as we found our way onto a dirt road and back into the park. ...

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The Revamped Trek Fuel EX Mountain Bike Is Ready to Rock Any Trail

Off-road bikes these days are pretty well segmented, and there’s a dizzying array of models suited to specific kinds of riding: Downhill bikes designed for bombing through rugged descents, light and fast cross-country bikes meant for racing, and fat-tire bikes for tearing up snow and sand. It’s hard to keep track of it all. Fortunately, […]

How Cannondale Designed its Sleek New Road Bikes

From early experiments with big aluminum frames in the ’80s to more recent ventures in carbon fiber, Cannondale has worked to build a reputation as a bike innovator. That makes the company’s latest high-performance releases for 2019—the Topstone Carbon, CAAD13, and SuperSix EVO—both surprising and, well, not so surprising. Even a quick glance at these […]

Gear Review: Altra Timp 1.5

In just a few short years, Logan, Utah-based Altra Running shoes has taken the American long-distance hiking world by storm.
I had never heard of the company until my first long hike (Colorado Trail, 2015), but in 2018, for the first time, Altra surpassed Salomon to become the most popular brand of trail runners in The Trek’s annual Appalachian Trail surveys. More than twice as many chose Altra than the next highest brand, Salomon. Just two years earlier, ...

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July Was the Hottest Month Ever Recorded on Earth

From sweltering heat waves to warnings about the apocalypse, the bad climate news just keeps on coming. Today, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, better known as NOAA, officially certified that July 2019 was the hottest month ever recorded, shattering previous temperature records and shrinking sea ice across the Arctic and Antarctic.   The average […]

This Brand Wants to Give You $100K—You Just Have to Quit Your Job

How often do you fantasize about quitting your day job and pursuing your real passion? If it’s every day, what’s stopping you? Money is probably the biggest factor making you pause. Financial stability. Fear of the unknown. It can all make you complacent in an unsatisfactory career, but prAna—an apparel company that makes sustainable clothing—is […]
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