Kayakers Nail Rare 80-foot Waterfall

Hidden in the depths of the Kaimanawa Forest Park in the heart of New Zealand’s North Island is the 80-foot Tauranga-Taupo waterfall. First discovered and descended some 10 years ago by Kiwi legend Brendon Bayley, it’s had a mixed history for kayakers that’s included clean lines, broken backs and near drownings. This December, rains primed […]

Watch This Fearless 12-Year-Old Surf an XXL Wave at Jaws

Last weekend, the Hawaiian islands were hit with their biggest swell in at least a decade. The peak of the swell was deemed “Super Swell Saturday” and that was no hyperbole. The waves were impossibly large and with offshore wind, the result was clean but terrifying conditions. Nevertheless, some of the world’s best surfers and […]

The Best Exercises for Runner’s Knee

Runner’s knee can derail the most dedicated running routines. It’s a common term for pain around the kneecap—a result of soft tissue irritation. Too much running (overuse) is often the culprit. Poor running mechanics also play a role, due in part to our culture of spending long hours at a desk and behind a steering wheel, […]

Sweet Potato Fries

Sweet Potato Fries

Easy and crispy sweet potato friesPro tip: when life presents you with the option, ALWAYS upgrade to the Sweet Potato Fries. Thanks to one little trick, these healthy baked sweet potato fries are magically crispy on the outside, without the need for a deep fryer. You can pair sweet potato fries with just about any of your favorite main dishes,…

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The 5 Scariest Waves on the Planet

When Kai Lenny tells you a wave is scary, you best believe it. The Maui native has dedicated his life to chasing waves, and he thrives in nearly every high-performance water sport under the sun. At 28, Lenny holds the 2019-’20 WSL Big Wave Award for men’s best overall performance, the 2020 XXL Biggest Wave […]

5 Must-See Blockbuster Movies Coming Out in 2021

Be honest, you miss going to the movie theaters. While there is certainly no shortage of movies and TV shows to binge at home, it just doesn’t compare to watching the latest blockbuster flick in the theater. With a massive screen, booming sound and plush seats––it’s an unrivaled audiovisual experience. With the pandemic forcing most […]

Meet The Zero Calorie Way To Energize Your Workouts

This article was produced in partnership with Zevia Energy. “This is the year I’ll do…” is likely the mantra for many of us as we look to start the new year off and running on the right foot. From course corrections on diets to setting fitness goals for the year (those marathons won’t exactly run […]

Vegetarian Chili

Vegetarian Chili

A bowl of hearty vegetarian chili“Chili” and “chilly” weather get along so famously, the twin pronunciation could scarcely be a coincidence. This homemade Vegetarian Chili made with sweet potato, beans, and a thick, deeply spiced tomato broth will warm you to your core on even the dampest day. Although this chili is meatless, don’t let that fool you into thinking…

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