Vivint Smart Home: Converting an Old-School Household to High-Tech

I’m going to start this review by admiting that I’m just about as technologically inept as anyone I know. My family and I are what you call “Old School.” I still ride a human-powered rusty beach cruiser, prefer manual transmission vehicles, regularly use my checkbook, and thoroughly enjoy pulling out my 35mm film camera for […]

Pabst Brings New York City’s Schaefer Lager Back to Life

I live a few blocks from the baseball-playing ghosts of Sandy Koufax, Gil Hodges, and Jackie Robinson, legendary members of the dearly departed Brooklyn Dodgers. The major league baseball team played at Ebbets Field from 1913 until 1957, when the team went west to become the Los Angeles Dodgers, now playing for another World Series […]

Greenbelly Meals Ultimate Nutrition Bars Review

y old backcountry morning routine: roll out of my tent, choke down a chalky protein bar, throw my pack together and shuffle onto the trail. Or, waste precious cool morning hours making oatmeal. This year for my fall adventures, I fueled long days with Greenbelly Meals instead. Their nutrition bars contain upwards of 650 calories, are extremely lightweight and convenient, and don’t skimp in the flavor department.
Greenbelly Meals At-a-Glance

Calories: 650 – 695 / meal
Weight: 5.5 oz / meal
Macros: 23 – 29 g fat / 90 – 100 g carbs / 16 – 18 g protein
Flavors (listed in order of my preference): Peanut Apricot, ...

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Crockpot Potato Soup

Crockpot Potato Soup

There are some recipes that just hit the spot every single time. For me, this Crockpot Potato Soup is forever a winner! The soup gets its creamy texture from Yukon gold potatoes and cheesy flavor from delicious sharp cheddar cheese. It boasts the all-American taste that you crave in a typical potato soup, but this lightened-up…

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Hiking Della Falls, Vancouver Island

Della Falls is located within Strathcona Provincial Park on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada. … total height of 440 m (1,440 ft).   The Canadian Government recognizes Della Falls as the tallest officially measured waterfall. That’s certainly not correct. James Bruce Falls in B.C. is much taller by any criteria, for one. Meg Cuthbert: Access: Boat access only, from the far end …

Hiking the Skull Cairn Trail on Mt Chocorua

The White Mountain National Forest is riddled with decommissioned hiking trails, old logging roads, railroad spurs, and logging camps enough to keep anyone with a thirst for history and hiking off the beaten path for years to come. The Skull Cairn Trail is one such “lost trail,” as they’re called locally, that been closed down …

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Driving the Insanely Maxed Out Mini GP

The new Mini GP, which will only be sold for one year, is already hard enough to pin down—should you be lucky enough to get your hands on one through a dealer right now. It’s harder to label, written up elsewhere as, in no shot order: insane, impractical, overpriced, and too hairball. Those critics are […]
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