Park Service Considers Shuttle Across River at Harpers Ferry

The National Park Service is considering options for a shuttle that would take Appalachian Trail hikers across the Potomac River at Harpers Ferry until the footbridge is repaired.
The footbridge is used by thousands of hikers annually, and many AT hikers have started their journey north with questions about how they will cross the river. And the National Park Service has no clear answer.
“Specific details about a shuttle service are unknown at this time,” Autumn Cook, ...

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Everything You Need to Know to Get Into Freshwater SUP Fishing

The standup paddleboard trend seems to have been taking over the outdoor space in recent years. It’s hard to venture to a lake, river, or shoreline without seeing the the hefty boards out and about, paddlers easily navigating the water with seemingly effortless strokes. SUPs present a solid workout opportunity, a fun floating option for […]

Watch: A Day in the Life of an Alta Ski Patroller

Alta is the birthplace of snow science in the United States. It became so, not merely out of curiosity, but by necessity. The town was nearly wiped out by avalanches multiple times in the early 19th century. And the snow continues to fall. Earlier this month, avalanches cut off resort access for 52 hours. So […]

Continental Divide Trail – 2020

Embrace the What?!
Embrace the brutality!
Yep, I said it.  Of all the trails that make up the Triple Crown of thru-hiking, the Continental Divide Trail (CDT) is supposedly the most “brutal.”  At the long end of 57 and 60 years of age, that is what my husband and I plan to do.  Thru-hike the CDT this year.
This trail stretches +/- 3,000 miles, with a smorgasbord of terrain and “approved” routes that allow you to “pick your adventure,” which more often than not is weather dependent, ...

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The Essentials You Need to Build a Better Bar Cart

If you’re here, odds are you’re tired of stashing your liquor and glassware in odd cabinets in your kitchen. Your finest bottles and family heirlooms deserve to be on display. You need a bar cart. From a convenience perspective, if not for the aesthetics it adds to your home or apartment, a bar cart makes […]

I’m Off to See the Wizard (on the Appalachian Trail)

Ladies and gentlemen, if you haven’t heard already, I, Hayden Cox, will be hiking the Appalachian Trail starting in the beginning of March 2020.
There, There Hagrid. It’s Not Really Goodbye After All
After a few months at a wonderful job, I’ve informed my boss I will leave the firm on February 28. With ~five months before I start law school, I want to maximize this time in my life by doing something I may never get the chance to do again. ...

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Main Differences Planning My First Vs. Second Thru-Hike

Sometimes I forget I’m leaving for the PCT in two months. A friend will offer ticket to a concert in July, or throw around plans for a May climbing trip, and I’ll have to remind myself I won’t be in Montana. I have a pile of gear sitting in my closet that I trip over on a daily basis, but it doesn’t always register that it’s for the PCT. Make no mistake… I’m stoked. But it’s different than the pre-AT butterflies and constant obsessing I felt in the months leading up to the AT. ...

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