Finally, Pre-Made Craft Cocktail Mixers That Don’t Suck

If there’s one thing holding back a full-on craft cocktail revival among home bartenders, it’s subpar cocktail mixers sold at liquor stores and grocery chains. Neon green and cloyingly sweet, the mass-manufactured jug of sweet and sour has never been a match for the blanco tequila you use to make spicy margs. The other in-store […]

The Best Outdoor Furniture for Your Backyard or Balcony

Whether you’re planning a backyard barbecue or just looking to sip your morning coffee in the sun, dialing in your outdoor furniture setup is essential. (A top-tier grill doesn’t hurt, either.) From full table-and-chairs sets to a simple hammock, finding the right furniture to match your personality and your space will set the perfect vibe […]

New Movies, Series, and Documentaries Adventurers Will Love

Looking for some streaming inspiration? After all, you can only watch Into the Wild and Free Solo so many times. If you love the outdoors, you’re in luck: There’s a slate of excellent new programming landing on popular streaming services. Among them, a little bit of surfing magic, an unforgettable look at the world of […]

Is REI Membership Worth It? 10 Reasons to Join the Co-op

The following is a sponsored post brought to you by REI.
REI is a co-op in the truest sense of the word. The outfitter traces its roots to the 1930s, when founders Lloyd and Mary Anderson pooled cash with fellow Seattle-based mountaineers to secure better prices on imported ice axes. Eighty-three years later, members still look to REI Co-op as a stalwart of the outdoor community and, yes, a way to save on expensive outdoor equipment. ...

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Chicken Pesto Pasta

Chicken Pesto Pasta

Chicken pesto pasta bake in a white baking dishMeet me at the intersection of creamy comfort food and fabulously fresh for a big, cheesy, and (yes!) healthy serving of Chicken Pesto Pasta. This creamy pasta bake combines whole wheat pasta noodles, golden sautéed chicken, and bright, bursting cherry tomatoes in a vibrant pesto sauce. It’s hearty, filling, and cozy, the way you’d expect…

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Flat Cat Gear Ocelot Canister Stove Windscreen Review

Boiling time vs fuel efficiency, which is more important to a backpacker? If you’re a long-distance backpacker hiking a remote route without access to easy resupplies, you probably care more about making your stove fuel last as long as possible, and not whether you can shave another 30 or seconds off the time it takes …

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