Bourbon Brand Elijah Craig Is Releasing a Rye Whiskey in 2020

Elijah Craig fans have a great reason to be excited about the new year: There’s a totally new rye whiskey in your future. Elijah Craig Rye is an affordably priced bottle of something we’ve never seen from Elijah Craig (or many other Heaven Hill brands) before: Kentucky-style rye whiskey. According to Heaven Hill, Elijah Craig […]

Don’t Fear the Creeper: When Snake Advice Fails You

Anyone who knows me knows am I deathly afraid of snakes.  Mortified.  Terrified.  Of course, snake lovers and conventional wisdom assure you: “They are more afraid of you than you are of them,” “They are anxious to avoid you.”  I beg to differ, but more on that later.
Rationally Irrational
How does one develop such a mortal fear?  I think a lot of it is just innate; man has not evolved to trust silent, stealthy, legless murderers. ...

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How to Plan a Backpacking Trip in Great Sand Dunes National Park

Colorado is home to a seemingly endless amount of backpacking and hiking trails. While each area of the state boasts vastly different and diverse landscapes, none are as unique as Great Sand Dunes National Park. The park is home to 13,000-foot mountains, lush forest trails, the flowing Medano Creek, and of course, a 30-mile dunefield that contains 1.2 million cubic miles of sand. Hiking in the dunefield is otherworldly and a sharp contrast to the towering mountains that act as a backdrop to the endless sand. ...

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The Best Celebrity Workouts and Training Routines of 2019

Getting into shape for a movie or TV role isn’t easy. Even though Hollywood stars do this for a living, it can take months of preparation and hard work to get into the shape they need to play a superhero, villain, or just a really fit character. In 2019, there were plenty of those. Whether […]

The Top 10 National Parks You Need to Visit This Fall

With the temperatures turned down, nature’s colors turned up, and the kids back in school, fall is the ultimate time to book a trip to national parks. You not only get fewer crowds and even better landscape views, but your trip becomes a little more spontaneous thanks to the unpredictable weather—whether it’s extra-cool nights or […]

Are Meal Kit Delivery Services a Greener Way to Eat?

Meal kit delivery services have gotten a bad rap because of the perceived environmental effects—all the packaging, the individually wrapped ingredients, the overnight delivery. But a study from the journal Resources, Conservation, and Recycling finds that grocery shopping is, environmentally speaking, about 33 percent worse than meal kits, as measured by greenhouse gas emissions. It’s […]

The Best New Training Gear to Crush Your Goals in the Gym

It’s hard not to feel like fall is an expiration of sorts—trees shed their leaves, temperatures plummet. But it doesn’t mean your training has to fall to the wayside or lose its vigor. Staying motivated can be as simple as investing in new fall training gear. If you’re looking to gain muscle, now is an […]

Can Your Phone Make You Fat?

Another reason to put away tech toys at night: Preliminary research from the Netherlands suggests the blue light they emit might make you fatter. Animal research found that one hour of blue light exposure at night caused mice’s brains to crave sugar. Plus, it led to glucose intolerance, making it harder for the critters to […]
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