27 Explorers on the Best Places They’ve Ever Traveled

Scroll through Instagram for 30 seconds and it’s pretty clear the world is full of epic destinations you have to see to believe. Unfortunately, most of us will only see a small percentage of them. We can’t all be explorers. So how do you decide what experiences are worth shelling out for and which you […]

Congrats to These 2019 Appalachian Trail Thru-Hikers: July 24 – Aug. 14

Congratulations to all of the incredible 2019 finishers out there! Whether it is your first thru, or you’ve added another notch to your long-distance-backpacking belt, your accomplishment deserves to be celebrated. We’ll do our part by showcasing finishers throughout the season. This post contains finishers whose photos were received by Aug. 14. 
Whether you’re NOBO, SOBO, flip-flopping, or completing your thru-hike after years of section hiking, we want to feature you. Send your finish photo along with trail name, ...

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The Bureau of Land Management’s New Acting Director Proves the Fight for Public Lands Has Just Begun

William Perry Pendley, the new acting director of the Bureau of Land Management, wants to dismantle the very agency that he’s overseeing. That’s the concern of a whole bunch of sportsmen’s and conservation groups anyway, and these worries are not without good reason. The BLM manages 247.3 million acres of public land—land that rightfully belongs […]

10 Incredible Via Ferratas That Take Climbing to the Next Level

Climbing is having a moment. More and more indoor climbing gyms are opening across the country and people are flocking to them, seeking out the physical challenge in a contained, low-risk environment. After all, not everyone has the willpower, stamina, and guts of Alex Honnold. But there’s another type of climbing that’s getting a lot […]

The Best Backpacks for Thru-Hiking of 2019

There’s no such thing as the perfect gear system, but there are options for every hiking style and preference. Your choice of pack will directly correlate to the choices you make with the rest of your gear. Lighter-weight packs are more conducive to higher miles in the backcountry, whereas heavier packs with more padding and suspension are better for people who enjoy extra amenities and comfort in the backcountry. We have a few new favorites this year for thru-hikers, ...

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These Foods Will Help You Live Longer, According to a New Study

Newsflash: Eating more plants is good for you. Though this may not be mind-blowing information, a recent study published in the Journal of the American Heart Association provides new evidence on just how beneficial plant-forward diets can be. We all know that eating fruits and veggies is a good idea, but this study focused on […]

Carrying On, on the NET

Hey everyone! Greetings from the New England Trail! If you have been following my journey up to this point, you know that I was attempting an AT thru-hike. Unfortunately, I had some health issues that prevented me from continuing on the trail. I got off the AT in early July, spent some time getting better at home, and decided to get back out for a week and a half to complete the New England Trail (NET.) Although the NET is one of the national scenic trails, ...

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Alfred Wainwright’s Coast to Coast: 200 Miles Across Rural England

Wainwright’s Coast to Coast is a long distance unofficial trail in Britain that goes from the Irish Sea to the North Sea via three national parks. The scenery varies dramatically from day to day and the trail gives hikers the flexibility of how much support, luxury or adventure they want. Itineraries vary from 10 to 15 days covering about 52,000 foot of elevation change over 192 miles. This trail is a great taste of what a longer distance trail is like, with the security of towns and pubs along the way.

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