Moroccan Couscous

Time to add a little pizzazz to your grain game! This quick and easy Moroccan Couscous is a refreshing change of pace to the standard side. Couscous is a healthy, versatile side that you can serve with anything from roasted vegetables to chicken to lamb. This recipe cooks in 15 minutes, and a few simple […]

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Backpacking Clothing – What Should You Pack For the Trail?

With the exception of socks or underwear, most backpackers don’t bring multiple sets of clothing on backpacking trips in order to save weight. That means washing or rinsing clothes when they get stinky or crusty with perspiration and dirt. If you’re on a trail near a town, this means a stop at a laundromat or …

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Interview With Michael Cammarata

Men’s Journal sat down with Michael Cammarata, CEO of Neptune Wellness Solutions to discuss the variety of wellness-oriented products in the company’s portfolio, including the newly launched Forest Remedies and Ocean Remedies. Monikered The Natural CEO, Michael discusses why consumers should educate themselves about Essentials Oils and HEMP Extract, while showcasing the company’s vast array of healthy-lifestyle […]

Juliana Bicycles’ Pro Rider Works the Coronavirus Frontlines

When Alex Pavon leaves work, she does so in fresh hospital-issued scrubs that she’ll change out of as soon as she gets home and put into decontamination, then it’s immediately into the shower, trying not to touch anything as she moves around her apartment. Only then, will she consider briefly seeing her family, with whom […]

COVID-19, I’m Taking What Ya Give Me

My friends, we are living in a strange time.
Just last week, I was gearing up to head west to hike the Pacific Crest Trail with my best friend, her partner and her dog, Lily. As of this week, I have decided to stay back while my trail fam pushes on and makes the trek out west, hopefully to have a successful thru-hike. 
I wanted to share the impact the virus has had on my life and mental health. ...

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Some Avalanche Centers Ask Skiers to Stay Home, Others Keep Forecasting

Avalanche Canada announced they would be stopping their forecasts for the remainder of the season, beginning March 24. The organization is responsible for assessing and forecasting avalanche hazard across all Canadian avalanche terrain, namely in Alberta and British Columbia. Executive director Giles Valade said that they are no longer confident in their forecasts due to […]

Helicopter Dog: Inside an Avalanche Search and Rescue First

Though he didn’t know it a decade ago, the Sherriff found his deputy. That is, Adam Sheriff, Mountain Safety Team Leader and avalanche forecaster for British Columbia’s Kicking Horse Mountain Resort, who brought home a puppy that was a reject from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. The black shepherd was too small to be a […]

Take a (Virtual) Vacation to Puerto Rico This Weekend

Let’s face it: We’re all getting a bit stir-crazy stuck at home during COVID-19 lockdowns. You’ve already cleaned every corner of your home, your list of shows to stream is getting shorter by the day, your children are likely bouncing off the walls, and your pets, well, they’re staring deep into your soul for explanation. […]
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