My Top Tools for Healthy Cooking

Have you ever wondered about the tools in my kitchen? Which knife I love to use (it’s this one!), which high-end appliances are actually worth the investment, and which of the dizzying numbers of kitchen gadgets available for purchase you actually need? I HAVE YOU COVERED! Over the years, I’ve received dozens and dozens of […]

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Trek the 8000m peak base camps

Emma and Trevor — from New Zealand & Australia — conceived ProjectBase8000. Great idea! The objective is to be the first non-mountaineering trekkers to hike to all the base camps of the world’s 14 highest mountains by 2020. They are all over 8,000m, located in the Himalayan and Karakoram ranges – Nepal, Pakistan and Tibet, China. They …

Jansport Katahdin 50L Backpack Review

The Jansport Katahdin 50 is an adjustable-length and rugged backpack with a top lid, padded hip-belt and dual side pockets that is well-sized for kids and short-statured adults. Weighing slightly more than 2 lbs, it’s roomy and durably made, making it a good low-cost option for new backpackers who want an economical introduction to multi-day …

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Why Mallorca Is Europe’s Overlooked Adventure Destination

For many travelers, the idea of escaping to an idyllic island setting is the perfect getaway. It represents the right recipe for rest and relaxation: the warm sun radiating off a white-sand beach tuned to lapping waves that lull weary bodies to sleep, cool drinks in hand. For many adventurers, however, more than a day […]

A History of Northeast Peakbagging

In Forest and Crag, the authoritative history of the mountains of the Northeast, authors Guy and Laura Waterman introduced their “Superhiking” chapter with an observation that rings true today, 31 years after this book was published.  “From time to time in every age and mountain range, individuals of exceptional strength or determination set out to show what they can do in that most rugged of physical testing grounds, the mountains.”
No strangers to strength and determination themselves, ...

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How to Prevent (and Properly Treat) Hypothermia in the Backcountry

According to the Mayo Clinic, “Hypothermia is a medical emergency that occurs when your body loses heat faster than it can produce heat, causing a dangerously low body temperature.” A normal, healthy body temperature should average around 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit. Hypothermia occurs when your body temperature drops below 95 degrees Fahrenheit. While most people associate […]

Watch ‘Lightspeed’: First Tracks in Japan Featuring Brandon Semenuk

While most riders spent September of 2019 prepping for Red Bull Rampage, Brandon Semenuk gathered his crew and tripped to Hakuba Valley and Hakuba Iwatake Mountain Resort to film. For this installment from Revel Co.for Red Bull, Clay Porter joined the crew alongside visionary Rupert Walker to shoot the project while Evan Intern, Dan Fleury and Kane […]

Being a Pacific Crest Trail Commitment-Phobe

I have been moving toward hiking the PCT for over a year. I took a contract that would finish around the right time; applied for the permit during a nerve-racking evening in front of my laptop; turned down a job offer for the spring; attended the visa interview in an outfit I hoped signaled that I am a responsible human (despite evidence to the contrary); told friends, family and colleagues that “yes” I would be doing it. ...

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