CT Part 6- To The End!

With consistently wet weather in the forecast and only 75 miles left to go, I headed out of Silverton for my last few days on the trail.
Day 25- Hiking in the Ocean

The first day out of Molas Pass was very wet with off-and-on rain and the clouds hanging low over the mountains all day.

We passed by numerous waterfalls, including some flowing so strongly that they couldn’t be crossed without getting wet.

After passing Cascade Creek, ...

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Lane Eight Gives Sustainable Upgrade to Trainer AD 1 Cross Trainer

While some brands are in the collective arms race to create newer, fancier gear and gadgets, others have their heads down, forging ahead to make their hallmark pieces more sustainable and earth-friendly. Today we’re highlighting Lane Eight, who just launched a new version of their popular cross training shoe, the Trainer AD 1. This collection […]

Paddling Safety 101: Always Check the Weather

This article was produced under a grant from the Sport Fish Restoration and Boating Trust Fund, administered by the U.S. Coast Guard. Some planning is necessary for any outdoor adventure. There’s always boxes to check: essential gear, water and food for the journey ahead, and appropriate clothing. But often overlooked is one simple, yet critical […]

4 Trail Snacks That Actually Taste Good

I love snacking. I firmly believe it’s one of the greatest joys in life aside from a walk-on tram or and a double-digit storm report. I live by the mantra that lunch starts when you put your skis on and ends when dinner’s ready. On a big day in the mountains, it’s seemingly impossible to […]

Are Artificial Surf Parks Sustainable?

Ever since Kelly Slater first unveiled his man-made tube machine in Lemoore to the spellbound public back in 2015, wave pools have seemingly popped up all over the map. What were once thought of as chlorinated novelties are now the center of a fast-expanding wave pool industry. Do a quick Google search and you’ll find […]

Watch: Tom Wallisch Rips Iron, Concrete, and Deep Powder

Sitting under the blazing summer sun, our staff is thinking of nothing but the womb of winter. Trailers and sneak peeks are beginning to trickle out on the feeds of big ski media companies, but we weren’t expecting that Tom Wallisch would be the skier whose film would whisk us off to the dreamland of […]

Crossing The Pond

That is, the Atlantic Ocean
Bittersweet love burst in my chest as I said farewell to my family and cats this morning – a morning which was now a continent ago. I’m exhausted, but thankfully I only have two hours left until I am officially allowed to pass out. In order to synchronize my brain with the new timezone which I have placed myself in, I must stay awake until nightfall; that way, hopefully, my jet lag will go away faster. ...

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The Coolest Pieces of Gear We Tested This Week

Here at Men’s Journal, we constantly test the latest gear to find the best new products you should know about to take your next adventure, workout, wardrobe, and every other part of your life to the next level. That includes everything from the best new adventure gear like a kayak that can double as a fishing […]
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