Why Hike the AT Now?

Why the AT?
Sometime at the end of 2018 Hannele and I were discussing that we would like to use some of our long service leave to take a bit of time off work and do something totally different and amazing. We initially thought that it would be a 4WD trip up the north end of Australia because 4WDing is one of our passions and this is an area we are keen to explore. Somehow the conversation turned to a recognition that we could do this anytime we want and, ...

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hiking the Faroe Islands

If Iceland seems too tame for you, consider hiking the Faroe Islands, an autonomous country of the Kingdom of Denmark. Video: A Hiking Guide on the Remote Faroe Islands — The Adventure Blog (@kungfujedi) August 9, 2019  

10 Best Freestanding Tents of 2019-2020

Freestanding tents are the holy grail of backpacking and mountaineering tents because they can be set up quickly just about anywhere, on wooden tent platforms, rock, sand, snow, and even climber’s portaledges, without having to be staked to the ground first. Most freestanding tents are wedge or dome-shaped, making them highly weather and wind-resistant. However, truly …

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Neurodivergence and Thru-Hiking

As more of us are diagnosed every day, the stigma of autism continues to be reimagined. Neurodivergence is a spectrum within which the autism spectrum resides. ADHD also resides in the neurodivergent spectrum.
I Have Both
I focused my introduction post around the primary reason for my pending 2020 thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail. I grew up in trauma and all that jazz. So many of us did. In telling my story all these years, I have found that it is only my willingness to talk about my trauma that makes me anything near special (and I recognize that I’m not special). ...

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How the Trail Provides in Real Life

When I was 20 years old and in college, I discovered what the Appalachian Trail was, and I immediately knew that thru-hiking it was an immediate goal of mine. At the time, I was living in an extreme cycle of drinking to deal with my traumatic past. When I was sober, all I did was think about the trail. I watched videos, I read Appalachian Trials, I etched in Springer to Katahdin on my desk and on coffee tables. ...

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Proposed Power Line Expansion Casts Shadow Over AT, Maine Woods

The battle over a proposed power transmission line is looming large in the Maine North Woods as environmental and sporting groups join towns in the line’s path to oppose the project.
The 145-mile high-voltage line from the Canadian border to Lewiston, Maine, crosses the Appalachian Trail between Caratunk and Moxie Bald Mountain, linking up with the New England power grid in Lewiston. The power is destined for Massachusetts, which is paying an estimated $950 million for the transmission line to bring hydropower from dams in Canada in an effort to boost its renewable energy footprint. ...

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50 Healthy Desserts

If we’re being truly honest with one another, then we can confess that a really delicious dessert is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Taking the first bite (and second and third bites) of a yummy sweet treat hits the spot. I was born with quite the sweet tooth, and when it takes over, I turn […]

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Why I’m not Hiking the Te Araroa Trail

Or the why I chose the Pacific Crest Trail. 
I have gotten the question many times over, with being in New Zealand. “Why aren’t hiking the Te Araroa (TA)?”
The short list for my answers:

This is my first thru-hike.
California is home and knowing I have my amazing family/friends close by as a support network is comforting.
The PCT is a more established trail and community.
A stretch of the PCT is where I fell in love with the wilderness even though I didn’t know I was on it. ...

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