Broccoli Cauliflower Soup

A staunch vegetable skeptic for much of my childhood, I was eventually convinced of broccoli’s appeal via cheesy soups like this Broccoli Cauliflower Soup. The bread bowl my mom let me order the soup in probably helped too (thank you, Panera!). Now that I’m the one doing the cooking, healthy soup recipes appeal to me […]

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7 of the World’s Best Hikes

Dientes Circuit, Chile  Chinese Wall, Montana  Laugavegur Trail, Iceland  Rockwall, British Columbia Jomolhari Loop, Bhutan  John Muir Trail, California  Pinhoti Trail, Alabama & Georgia   Outside  I’m planning on the Chinese Wall in Bob Marshall Wilderness, Montana myself. June 2020. Start about 85 miles west of Great Falls, at the South Fork Sun River Trailhead, and hike …

Big Agnes Scout Platinum 1 Tent Review

The Big Agnes Scout Platinum 1 ($350) is a single-wall trekking pole tent that’s made with conventional tent fabrics but still only weighs 13 oz. Admittedly, that is a very attractive weight and price point for any ultralight tent, although it comes at a cost in terms of reduced livability, weather worthiness, and durability. While …

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23 Days to Go, or Is It 24?

My name is Will. I live in sunny and heavily developed Orange County, California. I’ll be hiking Pacific Crest Crest Trail this year. I’ll start in the middle of March with my dog Duke or George Hayduke (Edward Abbey reference, not a Hayduke trail reference) if he’s snagged food from the table again.
Most of my hike will be by myself. Duke will section hike roughly 1,000 miles of PCT with me. I don’t feel it’s responsible to have Duke in the Mojave Desert sections or the Sierra. ...

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Solo Hiking the Laurel Highlands

By the end of summer, I had the hiking bug. We had spent one glorious week in Acadia National Park, hiking, swimming and picking huckleberries to our heart’s content. (Don’t know what a huckleberry is? Check it out here.) I had never been to Maine in June, and returned home with black-fly bites to prove it. I was craving a new adventure and under my office’s florescent lights plotted my way back to the trails.
For my first solo backpacking trip, ...

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There isn’t a more deserving soul. YES, Jake Burton Carpenter is our Winter 2020 cover shot. We never questioned who we wanted on the cover, the only question was what image to use. Jake Burton Carpenter looked forward to his annual BC backcountry trip and photographer Jeff Curtes has a solid collection of images of […]

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Why Not

Finally an answer my "why are you going to hike 2,200 miles". To my friends and family (and honestly, some strangers), here is the best answer as of now.

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Taking It Slow

It’s taken a few days for my mind to adjust to a life away from work. It really began to hit me on the fourth day of training.
As I was leaving Gooch Mountain Shelter, I checked the weather and saw that a combination of rain and snow was in the next day’s forecast. I can do cold, I can do wet, but I’m not keen on cold and wet. With 16 miles between me and a warm bed at Neel Gap, ...

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