Trekking the North Country Trail

Hello fellow lovers of the land, air, and sea! This summer my gal pal and I will set out to hike Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, one of the most gorgeous sections of the NCT. What’s the NCT?? Well, it stands for the North Country Trail—one of the longest thru-hiking trails in North America, yet hardly ANYONE has traversed the entire thing. Why, you may ask? Predominantly because of its length. Coming in at a whopping 4,600 miles of trail spanning seven states (New York, ...

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1,512 Miles to Go: Welcome to My Journey

If you aren’t sure if you have time to thru-hike, go anyway. If you’ve done your research and have your gear in place but aren’t sure if you’re ready yet, go anyway. If you’re not sure you’re making the wisest decision as per what is considered acceptable by society for your current stage in life, go anyway.
I’m Sarah, Also Known as Lil Bear, and I’ve Been There
In fact, I was there this past summer. ...

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The Best Shirts for Après-Ski

Nobody likes a gross ski shirt emitting week-old stank when they’re trying to relax after a day of shredding. On the slopes, we skiers ooze style while we wiggle. However, we can all step up our game when it comes to the post ski-day hangout fashion. Your go-to merino wool, polypro baselayer is great for […]

Dirtbag Dictionary for Dummies

Hiker Trash Talk
As a thru-hiker newbie, I was unaware of trail “lingo” in the early planning stages as I am a Pacific Crest Trail hopeful. As I write and upload videos for family and friends, I figured this may be helpful to those who are either also a trail virgin, or maybe you are following someone else’s thru-hiking journey! So my goal for you is to be able to talk in true thru-hiker fashion by the end of this blog post. ...

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Kevin Costner’s Making a TV Series About the National Parks Investigative Branch

After bringing the hit series Yellowstone to television screens, Kevin Costner is dipping back into the world of National Parks. Costner is developing and co-writing a new one-hour drama series for ABC titled ISB that will center on the Investigative Services Branch of the National Parks Service, according to Variety. The show will follow a […]

Reebok’s New Sustainable Running Shoe Is Almost Entirely Plant-Based

Reebok’s new running shoe is something any environmentally friendly athlete can appreciate: It’s made almost entirely from plants. The Forever Floatride GROW is the brand’s latest effort to reduce their use of petroleum-based materials in their products, and it’s set to launch in fall 2020. Following their Cotton + Corn lifestyle collection, this new running […]

The 2019 Hiker Survey: General Information

This is the first post of 2019 in The Trek’s annual survey of Appalachian Trail thru-hikers and long-distance section hikers. This year, we gathered new information on hikers’ favorite hostels along the AT. Changes from last year also include several new favorite resources among hikers.
Participants were recruited through social media, particularly Facebook groups for 2019 AT thru-hikers. Data were collected from September 2019 to November 2019.


365 people who hiked on the Appalachian Trail in 2019 took the survey. ...

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