Chicken Bacon Ranch Casserole

I’d say I made this Chicken Bacon Ranch Casserole in honor of casserole season, but that qualification doesn’t do it justice. When a dinner is this easy and healthy, when it hits every food group in a single Pyrex, when it includes the most crowd-pleasing trifecta of flavors, perhaps ever (what is more universally accepted […]

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Cold Cold World Valdez 40L Backpack Review

The Cold Cold World Valdez is a 40L alpine backpack that’s great for winter day hiking, climbing, and ski touring. Weighing just 2 lbs 2 oz, it’s lower volume than Cold Cold World’s overnight and multiday alpine packs but still loaded with winter features from ski straps, dual ice ax holders, and crampon straps to …

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Travel Gear for Outdoor Adventure Photographers

As a professional photographer, packing for any trip is far more complicated than it appears. Camera bodies, lenses, drones, tripods and lighting equipment take up the vast majority of baggage allowance. (I’ve become the master of hand-washing clothes in hotel showers to minimize the amount of clothing I need to pack, leaving more room for […]

10 Things 2020 CDT Hikers Need to Know

Planning a CDT thru-hike this year? Don’t know where to begin? Start here! We’ll cover the basics, from getting to and from the trail, what type of navigation to use, potential for snow and wildlife precautions, and how you can support the Continental Divide Trail Coalition.
1. Getting to/from the Northern and Southern Terminus

Southern Terminus
Whether you are NOBO or SOBO, getting to and from the Southern Terminus requires some planning. If you’re starting at the Southern Terminus, ...

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Watch: Eric Pollard’s Epic New Film ‘Drawn From Here’

This article originally appeared on and has been republished with permission. If you came here expecting to watch Eric Pollard throw mind-blowing tricks and XL cliff hucks in a film that flips the script of what’s possible on skis, we have a spoiler for you. In the words of Pollard himself, “The kind of […]
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