SURF | SNOW | SUN on that cougar encounter

Mountain lions are much less dangerous to hikers in North America than snake bites, lightning strikes and even bee stings. But plenty of people have been freaked out by a recent viral video.  “The encounter might have been avoided altogether, but once it happened, the runner did a lot of things right,” says Denise Peterson, …


Kody Williams, this one has been a constant name in the snowboard world for over a decade – with varying context. The short? Kody Williams has ridden park, street, filmed, competed globally, lived in Ontario, California, and now Whistler. Kody Williams also is officially back on snow after a life-changing Traumatic Brain Injury in 2016. […]

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Watch: Cougar Follows Hiker on Trail For Six Terrifying Minutes

It’s not everyday you get to witness the six most terrifying minutes of someone’s life, especially from their point of view. On Saturday, Kyle Burgess was running in Utah’s Slate Canyon, near Provo, when he came across a cougar and her cubs. For the next six minutes, the hissing and snarling cougar pursued Burgess down […]

State’s $800 4130 All-Road Gravel Bike Reviewed

Gravel bikes are great for the indecisive rider—instead of choosing pavement or dirt, you can ride both with one bike. Normally, you’d need to pony up well over a grand to get a decent one, but that’s changing now that State Bicycle Co., an Arizona-based brand known for its single-speed bikes, has jumped into the […]

Dogfish Head Makes Oat Milk the Star of Its Must-Try Hazy-O! IPA

These are strange days to be a cow. Dairy milk consumption is continuing its national decline, and coffee drinkers are going nuts for alternative milks. But the beer industry has an ongoing love affair with lactose, the unfermentable sugar derived from milk. Lactose boosts a beer’s body and sweetness, creating a creamier sip. Lactose is […]

Win a Trip for Two to Yosemite, Olympic and Zion National Park

The American West is home to some of the most beautiful landscapes on Earth. From magnificent valleys to towering mountain peaks, the natural beauty is quite simply breathtaking. For those interested in truly experiencing the very best of what the West has to offer, a tour of the National Parks is the way to go. […]

WIN TICKETS: Burton One World, Montreal Premier

Win your way into the Montreal Premier of Burton Snowboards new feature snowboard film “One World” – awesome? YES. HOW TO WIN: INSTAGRAM IS THE ANSWERCheck out @snowboardcanada on Instagram, and check out the post details below – enter away! Winner announced October 21, 2020 – good luck! ABOUT THE MONTREAL PREMIERE OF “ONE WORLD“ […]

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Avoid These 8 Common Thru-Hiking Mistakes

veryone makes mistakes. And when you’re taking on a monumental challenge like a thru-hike, you’re likely to make more than a few of them. Accepting the fact that things can, and will, go wrong sometimes on the trail is key to successfully thru-hiking. Educating yourself about common thru-hiking mistakes will help you avoid difficult growing pains when you hit the trail (or at least prepare you for when things do go wrong). These eight thru-hiking mistakes are insanely common and eminently avoidable, ...

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