Vegan Pancakes

Vegan Pancakes

One of the more impassioned topics of debate in our household centers around the ideal pancake anatomy. If you agree that the best pancakes are thick, fluffy, and even healthy, welcome to the winning team! These easy homemade Vegan Pancakes are just the recipe for you. Fat, fluffy pancakes stacked tall and begging to be […]

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Fishbone Tent Anchors for Wooden Platform Camping

It can be difficult to anchor a tent to a wooden camping platform if it has to be staked out to set up. You usually need to prepare for this in advance by bringing extra cordage to rig up long guylines or platform hooks that you can drop between the platform boards to create an …

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15 Lagers That Should Be in Your Cooler This Summer

From the craft beer movement’s earliest days, ales dominated. And there was a good reason for that. “Craft beer started as a reaction to what was normal, which at that time—back in the early and mid-1980s—was macro-type lagers,” says Phil Markowski, brew master and co-founder of Connecticut’s Two Roads Brewing Company. By “macro-type lagers,” Markowski […]

The Best Grills for Small Outdoor Spaces

If you’re anything like us, you want to grill everything come summer: fire-licked skirt steak and juicy burgers with the perfect amount of char, skewered shrimp and cedar-plank salmon—hell, even cocktails and dessert. But if you’re a city-dweller, you’re at a disadvantage. That tiny charcoal grill you bought at Target may fit on your closet-size […]

Here There be Giants

Making my way through Colorado. I passed places I’ve hiked before and have come to trail I have never hiked before. From here all the way to the border. Colorado has been a vortex like no other. I almost can’t believe it’s almost over. Here’s the process.
Day 78 (Continued)
Watched USA win the World Cup. Then we went to soak in the pools. It was a bit chilly but had a good lunch and talked to Viv about authenticity and power. ...

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