Running for the AT

Since moving to Washington state, I have been having trouble finding trails that are as butt-kicking as the trails in the Rockies tend to be. Having a proper amount of phyical strength and cardiovascular indurance is very imporatnt for me to build before starting the AT. I am not exactly sure what this means, but I do know that I want to be a lean, mean, mile crushing machine come June 2020.

North Beach

Walking up and down this beach has given me so much joy over the past few weeks. This rainy, slightly dreary town has caused us to slow down and appreciate our surroundings a bit more. That being said, lately I find myself wandering up and down the shore collecting rocks and sea glass rather than actually training/hiking.

North Beach is our favorite park in the area, but we are lucky that it connects to a state park with lots of trails and woods to explore. Have I mentioned previously that I am obsessed with FERNS?!

Fort Worden

Fort Worden State Park spans over rocky beaches, dense forest, and it mostly sits on a steep bluff. I can only imagine how hard it was for military personnell to run up and down these trails back in the day. I’ve found solace in running near the old military bunkers, up and down moss covered stairs, and through the woods.

Running outside is no easy feat, and my mile time has slowed down quite a bit since stepping off of the treadmill. I have had to learn how to build physical endurance in different ways, and I’ve actually been feeling the burn in my quads for the few days since running through the park.

I love Fort Worden because many of the trails loop around to smaller, more private paths, and it’s been fun feeling “lost” in the woods even though I know that I’ll eventyually end up at a trail marker. I am excited to share my thoughts, runs, and hikes with you as I experience walking, running, and trekking through this area more frequently.

Every little bit of training counts. Peace, love, and happy hiking.

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