Backpacker Radio 98 | Eric Giuliani on Traveling 70,000 Miles Around the World on a Shoestring Budget

In today’s episode of Backpacker Radio presented by The Trek, we are joined by Eric Giuliani. Eric, more or less on a whim, decided to trade his unfulfilling corporate job to circumnavigate the globe without taking a single flight. Yes, 70,000 miles by boat, train, and automobile, And- to make the story even more ridiculous- he relies largely on his very nascent photography skills to barter his way around the world. We learn all about this massive adventure, including an in-depth accounting for how he pitched hotels to lodge in exchange for his services, how difficult it can be to lay low during high terror alerts as a 6’10” former collegiate basketball player, what it’s like to spend several days on cargo ships without any form of entertainment, and more.

We wrap the show with a quick chat about Trail Days 2021, a triple crown of things we’d do with a million bucks, and an absurd story about a bear biting a woman’s ass in an outhouse.

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Interview with Eric Giuliani

00:05:07 – QOTD: What is a movie that inspires you or has inspired you to get outside?

00:11:02 – Where does your travel story start?

00:13:18 – Can you elaborate on why it’s better to hate your job than like your job?

00:15:31 – How did your finances and the philosophy of the travel itself interface with one another?

00:19:42 – So before you left you didn’t actually have the skills you were bartering?

00:23:59 – How far in advance were you booking places out (through bartering)?

00:26:15 – What was your success rate on reaching out to people? What goes into a good pitch for what you were trying to do?

00:28:21 – Did you ever feel any sort of imposter syndrome while doing this?

00:30:15 – Did your pitch start to work better once your portfolio got more built out?

00:32:30 – Did your pitch start to involve more video as you got better?

00:38:19 – Drones are the move.

00:39:28 – Can you share how you chose what destinations you chose? How you formatted the trip?

00:45:24 – Is it even more difficult to lay low as a westerner being 6’10”?

00:47:04 – You’ve mentioned that the bus rides are dangerous, can you explain some of the dangers they pose?

00:49:09 – Were there ever instances during these risky trips that put you on edge?

00:50:40 – Were you doing anything recreationally during the African leg of your journey?

00:52:39 – What happened after Egypt?

00:54:55 – How did you keep yourself entertained on a cargo ship?

00:56:00 – Were there any huge storms on cargo ships?

00:58:44 – Can you talk more about your Europe adventures?

01:04:13 – What were you traveling with?

01:05:35 – Did you buy new stuff as you went along?

01:07:12 – Who did you give the bartered jacket to?

01:08:06 – Were you good at pitching yourself in person before you left or did you hone the craft over the course of your journey?

01:09:11 – When you did pay for things did you ever negotiate? Did you ever haggle?

01:11:00 – What was the primary thread that you enjoyed about this trip?

01:13:33 – Where did you go after Beijing?

01:17:08 – Did you ever have a moment on the ships where you felt like it might sink?

01:19:15 – What does someone do in Antarctica?

01:23:00 – What is the place you are actually staying like? Can you describe the town or whatever it is?

01:24:20 – Do you have any general pieces of advice for anyone who’s interested in doing something similar?


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