BMW Unveils the i4, a New Electric Car That Packs 530 Horsepower

In the not-too-distant future, the “ultimate driving machine” will be electric—at least, that’s what BMW has planned. The German automaker has unveiled images and a few key specs for the BMW i4, a new electric car that combines the brand’s legendary sporty driving characteristics with a powerful electric drivetrain. According to the company, the new […]

The Best Face Masks for Running

By now, each of us has a pile of face masks lying around. Your average surgical mask will work just fine for a trip to the grocery store, but when lacing up for a run (or any other form of exercise), you need something that’s designed for performance. A good running face mask won’t slide […]

Basics Made Better: Best Brands for Loungewear and Streetwear

If there’s one thing we’re taking from life in isolation it’s that comfort reigns supreme. When you’re working from home, lolling about in your living room, or doing laps around the neighborhood, you need elevated basics. You might have a few staples in your wardrobe already, and if we were to take a guess they’re […]

The Best Men’s Fragrances to Try This Spring

There are no hard-and-fast rules for when to wear your favorite fragrance, but a change in season is always a good time to delve into new styles. With warmer days in the forecast, now’s the time to swap those heavier winter scents for lighter options. This season, look for men’s fragrances featuring citrus, herbs, and […]

Vegetable Lasagna

Vegetable Lasagna

A piece of vegetable lasagna being cut from a dishLasagna, with its proud layers, old-school status, and bronzed, cheesy top, belongs on a pasta pedestal. When I tell you declaratively that this is the best, most ultimate Vegetable Lasagna, know that I am staking my claim with the utmost respect! Cheesy, saucy, and bursting with hearty Italian zest, this easy vegetable lasagna does justice…

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What Greater COVID-19 Vaccinations Could Mean for Summer Travel

It wasn’t long ago the 2021 summer travel season looked like a dud. The first COVID-19 vaccines were given in December, but weren’t expected to be available to most people until July. For many, that meant the second socially distant summer in a row. But President Biden’s recent declaration that all adult Americans will be […]

Reenergize Your Wardrobe With These Vibrant Styles for Spring

After a long, long winter, get ready to shed those heavy layers and hit reset with vibrant pieces that reenergize your wardrobe. Our spring style preview showcases the freshest looks of the season.     The Men’s Journal Spring Style Preview Get the look (above): Louis Vuitton Double Breasted Pont Neuf Suit and Black Ice […]
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