Can WHOOP Strap 3.0 Replace a Personal Trainer?

This article was produced in partnership with WHOOP.  We’re hardwired to think getting fitter, faster, and stronger requires high-octane efforts all the time. If you’re not limping around post-leg day, it’s not contributing to your gains. If you’re not gassed by the end of your runs, you won’t hit a personal best. But if there’s […]

Beer Bread

Beer Bread

Easy beer bread in slicesA resident of “Brew City,” I’ve come to a new appreciation of beer. Combine it with a lifetime affinity for carbs, and it was only a matter of time until this warm loaf of Beer Bread graced our table. Beer bread is a savory quick bread that uses the carbonation in beer for leavening. Like…

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Grill Your Queso: How To Improve This People-Pleaser by Taking It Outside

Produced in partnership with Founders Brewing Co. Here are two universal truths: Everybody loves queso; and, when you have the option, it’s better to cook outside than in. So it should come as no surprise that one of the hottest social media-ready recipe trends combines both: Hello, grilled queso. We’re not sure if it’s the […]

Edamame Hummus

Edamame Hummus

An easy and tahini-free avocado hummus recipe. Made with edamame, avocados, and lots of fresh lemon and garlic. You'll love this creamy, healthy hummus recipe! @wellplatedNothing toys with my self-confidence quite like the 10 minutes before a party. Do we have enough dip? What if no one comes, and it’s just me alone with the Edamame Hummus? One bite of this creamy, dreamy dip is all I need to dispel my fears! You see, if no one comes to my…

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Best New Running Shoes to Ramp Up Your Speed and Mileage

When the cold lifts and the sun shines, it’s the perfect time to get back to your favorite run routes—in an upgraded set of sneakers. Whether you want to run faster or longer, new running shoes (and a stellar training program) will help you get there.     Many major brands launched new releases this […]

What’s Trending? The Neutral Palette of Suede Shoes at New Republic

As we begin to “step out” into life again in the coming months, we’ll all be looking to put our best foot forward. Comfort and effortless style are the new must-haves, and no one delivers better on that than New Republic. This on-trend casual contemporary brand will quickly become your new obsession the second you […]

Jump into America’s Newest National Park: New River Gorge

Due to the December COVID-19 stimulus package, today the National Park Service provides gold standard financial support to a portion of West Virginia’s New River Gorge, offering world-class rock climbing, rafting, hiking, and mountain biking. The New River Gorge is the America’s 63rd National Park. In late 2020, Congress approved converting 7,021 acres in the […]

First Look at the Safest Helmet for Mountain Bikers

Consider the bar for raised for safety in mountain bike helmets with the Kortal MIPS Race. The new POC helmet, which is arguably the safest mountain bike helmet made, is for trail and enduro riders who push their limits. The big innovation is MIPS Integra, a new invisible, in-molded update of Mips. Silicone-filled pads (similar […]
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