5 Star Luxury in the Philippines


The Crimson Resort and Spa in Boracay Philippines is a luxury 5 star resort on a beautiful beach. See the review here:

In fact Crimson Resort is one of the best resorts in Boracay.

Located on a beautiful private beach (station zero), the Crimson Boracay offers its guests unprecedented service and accommodation. The resort looks stylish and modern. I compare the Crimson Resort to the Shangri-la Resort as well so you can see which is the better resort to stay in Boracay.

I also provided a guide on how to get to the resort and a little guide on Boracay particularly White Beach. One of the most gorgeous beaches in Asia. As it faces the west, it has possibly the best sun sets you will ever see.

The Crimson Resort has 219 rooms including 36 villas and suites. Some having their own private plunge pools. Rates at the resort when I checked where best on the resort's own website. But I did compare it with Trivago, TripAdvisor, HotelsCombined and Agoda seeing room rates on all sites.

The resort has 3 swimming pools, their infinity pool has breath taking views of the ocean.  They have a spa as well as gym. They have a number of restaurants. I checked out the Saffron Restaurant and it's buffet breakfast and the Azure Beach Club.

This is my personal review of the Crimson Resort and Spa Boracay.  I think it one of the best hotels (resorts) to stay in Boracay.

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*All rates and conditions subject to change, please check directly with the resort for latest info and prices.

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Travel for Senior Singles

Travelling is a great opportunity to rediscover you and explore places to its best.

Travelling pumps in some great energy in you and offer you a great escape from the monotonous routine. Vacations for singles over 60 are surely a delight, after spending a fruitful work-life it gives you a chance to pursue your passion and visit your dream destinations. Planning senior singles vacations requires lots of research, look out for places to visit, check out amazing destinations, stay options and much more. Seniors' single travel can be full of excitement and thrill.

If you are a senior single and travelling is your passion then, this article is sure to help you with great information concerning senior singles travel.


How to prepare for a solo trip?

One of the most important things that one needs to do for planning a senior single vacation is preparing for the trip. Here are some of the factors that one must consider to prepare for a senior single trip.



One of the most important things is to basic research. This involves shortlisting some destinations for your vacation and digging some more information on them. Decide where you want to go, for how many days, what are the available staying options, which are the places you would like to visit and much more. 


Find the right time for senior single travel:

After shortlisting a few vacation destinations for travel, find the best time to visit the destination. Timing is a very prominent factor, if you happen to visit a place at the wrong time, then you may end up wasting a lot of money. You can save a lot of money by traveling outside of the main season, but still in the good weather period.



Fix a tentative budget for your trip. Based on the budget you can proceed with the reservations and ticket booking. Make sure to do a good amount of research on the web to find out the best deals and discounts on flight tickets and hotel reservations.


Plan it out:

Make a detailed plan of your each and every day. If you are planning a senior single vacation, chart out a complete day-wise itinerary. Include all the important places to visit such as monuments, heritage sites, beaches, activities, cruise etc. This will give you a clear plan of action during your vacation. A single senior journey with a well-planned itinerary will offer you great peace of mind and help you explore all the vital places during your expedition. 


The top destination for single senior travellers

San Antonio:

This place offers great diversity. It is apt for those looking out for nature, city life and activities too. Some of the best places to visit in San Antonio include Hemis fair park, River Walk, Fiesta Texas, La Villita and much more.  



Thailand is one of the best destinations for seniors single travel. This place has everything right from beaches, national parks, beautiful landscapes and some of the stunning views. Thailand is known for its energetic cities and ample opportunities to indulge in some fun and enthralling activities. Also, check out some senior single cruise to add more fun and make your journey memorable. Some of the best places to visit in Thailand include Bangkok, Phuket, Chiang Mai, Krabi and much more. 


California's Pacific Coast Highway: 

A road trip to California's Pacific Coast Highway can be full of fun and exhilarating too. The wide roads are a delight to drive especially for those senior single who love driving. This place is known for its beautiful landscapes and wonderful views. 


Canadian Rockies: 

View the beauty of nature like never before with the amazingly beautiful and spectacular Canadian Rockies. This place boasts some a Yoho national park, Takakkaw Falls and ice-capped peaks. The breathtaking landscape is sure to mesmerize you with all its beauty and splendour.  


South African Safari:

If you are a nature lover and looking out for a thrilling and exciting safari trip then South Africa is an ideal destination for you. Known for its exotic African Safari this place is a sheer delight offering you a view extensive wildlife species. Witness the beauty of nature in the most extravagant way with a typical South African Safari. 


Cruises for senior singles:

A cruise trip can be full of enjoyment and fun. There is no reason to miss out a cruise holiday just because you are single a Cruiser journey can provide you some of the best experiences and help you explore some of the most amazing places. Make sure you just check all your travel details such as destinations, journey duration and much more. 


Travel for seniors singles gives them a chance to meet some new people and found a connection too. It can help one connect with people of similar interests and build a strong bond too. Senior singles travel is a great way to connect with some interesting personalities from across the globe. There are many instances when travel for seniors singles has provided them with some of the best experiences and travel buddies too.  


Just pack your bags and be ready for a wonderful voyage! 


Do I need a visa for Iran? And how hard is to get a visa?

Whether you need Iran visa depends on where you are from and where you are travelling to. Citizens of around 60 countries do not need a visa to enter Iran for travelling purposes for various amounts of times.

Most other countries citizens can gain Iran visa on arrival from most of the major airports in Iran, although for peace of mind they can also apply for visas beforehand.  Visas on arrival for most countries only allow for a stay of 15 days. For US and Canadian citizens due to lack of any consular services in Iran, must have prior approval of an itinerary and tour operator before applying for a visa from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Most tour companies will take care of this for you. No citizens of Israel are permitted to travel to Iran. People who have an Israeli stamp in their passport will also be denied entry. All citizens except for Israeli can travel to Kish Island, a popular tourist island, without a visa for up to two weeks.

Since Iran visa requirements are subject to fairly constant change, it is best for everyone to contact Iranian consular or embassies in their own country to find out what is required before entry.

Most visas will be approved in two to three weeks. Most people find it relatively easy if correct information is given. However, it is best to allow for plenty of time before applying.


South Palms Resort in Bohol Philippines


South Palms Resort in Bohol Philippines is a beautiful upmarket resort in the Philippines.

Here I take a look around the resort and give it my overview. See the review here:


South Palms Resort in Bohol is one of the most beautiful resorts in the Philippines. Located on gorgeous beach in Bohol the resort offers its guests from amazing upmarket accommodation. Laze under the palm trees, chill in a hammock, sun bake on the sandy white beach or swim in the warm tropical waters.

This is a fantastic place to spend your vacation in the Philippines. The resort is rated as a 4 star resort.

Their rooms start from the Deluxe garden view to pool view or to their best rooms with beach views. I stayed in the Deluxe Beachfront room. I look at prices for rooms on South Palms Resort website as well as 3rd party booking sites such as Trivago, TripAdvisor, Agoda and Expedia to see the best rates at this resort.

Facilities include 2 swimming pools (the main one having amazing views of the ocean) a restaurant that serves Ala cart as well as buffets. Massages are available, there is a games room and gym.Tennis court and dive shop.

In the video I show you how to get to South Palms resort from the pier and also from the airport. I also compare Alona Beach vs  Dumaluan beach in Bohol so you can see which I think is the best place to stay in Bohol. Alona Beach is only a short 15 minute ride away from here. I also compare South Palms Resort to Bohol Beach Club to see which is the better resort.

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*All rates and conditions subject to change - please check directly with the establishments for latest info and rates.

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What part of the Drakensberg, South Africa, should you visit?

Deciding on what part of the Drakensberg to visit can be difficult.

I lived in the Drakensberg for over 15 years and of course I have my favourite areas to visit, but here, I'll discuss the regions and their attractions briefly so that, when you decide to visit, you'll have an idea on where to go...

The Northern Drakensberg is located about 300km from Johannesburg and would take about 3-3½ hours by road to travel there. The Royal Natal National Park is located in this region and the most photographed mountain peaks known as the amphitheatre, can be seen from most accommodation options. It is an area well known for its scenic beauty and hikes. There is an adventure centre open to the public, horse rising activities, a golf course and numerous walks. It the area with the best hospitality from the luxury lodges and hotels right down to the B&B's!

The Central Drakensberg spans such a vast area across the Ukhahlamba World Heritage site that I'll have to break it up into 5 regions. When most people talk about the Central Drakensberg they mean the Champagne Valley or Cathedral Peak.


- Cathedral Peak

(4 hours from Johannesburg, 2½ hours from Durban by road)

This is a valley on its own accessed via Winterton or Bergville and only has 3 accommodation options, the KZN Wildlife campsite, the Didima chalets and the Cathedral peak Hotel. This area is home to majestic mountain peaks, waterfalls and excellent hiking trails.


- The Champagne Valley

(4 hours from Johannesburg, 2½ hours from Durban by road)

This valley is a tourist mecca with thousands of beds available and every type of accommodation you could dream of, there are numerous activities, sporting facilities, shops, golf courses and the mountain to climb.


- Injisuthi

(4½ hours from Johannesburg, 2½ hours from Durban by road)

This hidden valley is a must for people wanting to escape the crowds, there is only one camp that offers campsites and cottages for self-catering, serious hikers will enjoy the number of caves and overnight hiking trails in this area.


- Giants Castle

(5 hours from Johannesburg, 2½ hours from Durban by road)

Giant's Castle is named after the mountain peaks that from a distance look like a sleeping giant. It is well known for its Bushman or San cave museum where life-like Bushman / San figures bring alive scenes of an era past. The walks, rock art, scenery and upmarket facilities have made it very popular.


- Kamberg

(5½ hours from Johannesburg, 2½ hours from Durban by road)

Kamberg is located just south of Giants Castle and is home to some of the best Rock art in the Drakensberg and has a new Rock Art interpretive centre which is well worth a visit.


The Southern Drakensberg is located about 250-300km away from Durban and takes between 2½ and 3 hours by road.

The Southern Drakensberg is famed because of the Sani Pass, however there is much more to visit other than the Sani Pass. The two little villages around which you'll find accommodation are Underberg and Himeville. It received more rainfall than the northern regions and thus is lusher, with larger and steadier streams wonderful for those wanting to do fly-fishing. Accommodation is varied and you will find a place to match your taste and budget.

So, even though I think you should make time to visit all the areas of the Drakensberg, I am aware that time can be a problem so I hope this post will help you to plan an Ukhahlamba World heritage Site visit, whether it be for its natural beauty and wilderness or for the cultural experience of its ancient peoples!


Shangri-la Boracay Resort


Boracay Island is one of the most beautiful islands in Asia. The Shangri-la in Boracay Philippines is one of the top luxury resorts on the island. 

In this video I give a run down on what to expect when you stay here.


Shangri-La’s Boracay Resort and Spa, for the ultimate luxury, on one of the most beautiful islands in the world.

Perfect for a romantic getaway, family holiday or just a luxury holiday - this resort has to be one of the top resorts in the Philippines.

In the video I look at the Deluxe Seaview room and Tree House villa. The later having some of the best views in Boracay. The villa is two stories, with the upper floor having a Jacuzzi on the balcony with panoramic views of the ocean as well as being perfect to watch the sunset. A perfect romantic villa to stay in Boracay. Even the window views from the treehouse villa have such beautiful views.

The resort is just gorgeous with its secluded beachfront area. It's lovely swimming pool. Other facilities include the Chi The Spa, one of the best in Boracay.

I check out some of its restaurants, including the Shangri-la's famous buffet breakfast.

The resort covers 12-hectare and has 219 rooms including 36 villas and suites, Room rates at the Shangri-la Boracay start from around 41,500 PHP (at time of video). I show rates on all the room types on Trivago, TripAdvisor and Agoda so you can see prices at this resort.

If you're looking for a fantastic place to stay in Boracay, for me The Shangri-La Boracay Resort is one of the best resorts on Boracay.

This video I give my review of this resort. When you stay expect amazing service, fantastic rooms and stunning beaches.

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*All rates and conditions subject to change without notice. Please check with resort directly.

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Coronavirus Outbreak: Tips to Keep Yourself Safe on Travel

The widespread of coronavirus in China has prompted a global fear of traveling.

However, the following tips and tricks might help in reducing travelers' concerns.


First of all, do NOT panic. Hoarding food and toilet paper is NOT helping the situation!

In the end it's a flu and the different countries try to limit its spread, so that the health systems can handle the situation and can take care of the people who are in need.


Several countries have decided to lock down specific areas and some have even restricted to travel at all, even in the own country. Some of the major companies and airlines have suspended business operations and traveling in the country. 

Tech giants like Facebook and Microsoft asked its employees to restrict their travel plans and suggests to work from home. Major banks like Standard Chartered and Commonwealth Bank of Australia also asked its employees to suspend non-essential trips. 


What is Coronavirus and what are the symptoms

Novel Coronavirus also called 2019-nCoV, is a member of the coronavirus family. Like other viruses from the coronavirus family, novel coronavirus also comes from animals. 

According to medical reports, coronavirus causes severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) and Middle Eastern respiratory syndrome (MERS).

In 2002, SARS widely spread to 37 counties causing more than 750 deaths, infecting 8,000 people and caused global panic. On the other hand, MERS has greater lethality that killed 35% of 2,500 infected people. 

Originally spreading from animals, coronavirus now seems to spread from person to person. And not only in China but many more countries are reportedly hosting the lethal virus. 

Symptoms of coronavirus are severe coughing, fever and breathing difficulties. This viral pneumonia seems unaffected by antibiotics. The usual antiviral drugs we have to cure fever won't work against it either. 

People infected and diagnosed with coronavirus and who got a bad immune system should be admitted to the hospital immediately as this dangerous virus can cause organ failure in extreme cases, and the hospital may restrict serious organ damage. 


How to Keep Yourself Safe on Travel in Coronavirus Affected Countries 

Even after knowing that the deadly coronavirus continues to spread in China and many other countries, some of us still need to travel. In this case, it's our responsibility to be prepared and guard ourselves against the viral disease. 

Most important, take care of your immune system. Eat healthy, go for walks and get enough sleep. 


Information is the Key

Constantly spreading viruses like Novel Coronavirus requires constant updates. To get all the latest information regarding scientists at WHO and CDC have the up-to-date intel on coronavirus situations around the world. They provide all the information, advice and even details about travel restriction.

By having access to a high-speed internet availability on your travel you can stay connected with WHO and CDC for coronavirus updates.


Keep on Washing Your Hands

Minor and major flu viruses are capable of spreading from hands. Therefore, it's important to wash your hands often especially after coughing, sneezing or blowing the nose. 

According to Mayo Clinic, the best way to properly wash hands is to sing “Happy Birthday” song twice. In addition, scrubbing your hands with warm running water and soap for 20 seconds frequently, decreases the risk of catching flu viruses as secure as coronavirus. 

In case you do not have soap, water or sink available nearby you can use a hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol. 


Choose Windows Seat on Your Flight

Passengers seated in the aisle are more likely to be infected with viruses as compared to those who sit near the window, say researchers.

This is because people sitting near the aisle are close to more passengers and therefore are vulnerable to persons to person spreading viruses, like coronavirus. 


Avoid Constantly Touching Your Face

According to the National Academics of Sciences. Engineering. Medicine, most of the flu causing viruses and bacteria enter our body through the mucous membrane. The mucous membrane present in our mouth, nose, and eyes upon encounter allows viruses to invade our bodies. Therefore, it is better to keep your hands away from your mouth as even after washing your hands are prone to re-contaminated immediately. 


Sneeze and Cough into Elbow

It might sound weird, but coughing or sneezing into your elbow is safer than covering a cough or sneeze with hands. This is because when you cough into your hands you save the tiny droplets from your mouth from spraying into the air but your hand becomes contaminated. In addition, inevitably you’ll touch something or someone and might start a chain of infected people on your trip. 



Although the tips mentioned above are helpful to keep travelers healthy and safe from deadly viruses like novel coronavirus, considering canceling your traveling plans to majorly infected cities can be a far better choice.  

Even after staying super-conscious about your health, if you fall sick while traveling it's your responsibility to keep your germs to yourself. 


Reasons Why Experiencing Culture Shock While Traveling Abroad Will Eventually Benefit You

“Culture Shock" can be described as a feeling which is experienced by a person, when he/she moves from a familiar culture to an unfamiliar one.

Most of the people, who travel abroad for higher studies, work, internships, volunteering, or just to explore, face some kind of culture shock or the other. It comprises of sudden events that come as surprises of a new way of life, in a new environment, with new people!

There's a feeling of anxiety and discomfort, that occurs due to separation from the family and friends.

And it just doesn't end there!

A new country will introduce you to new weather conditions, new cuisines, different language, manners, and behaviors - which all might take a toll on you! But you'll slowly get used to it, and start enjoying the flavors and sights as and when they'll unfold before you. You need not rush and force yourself to adapt anything - rather, go slow, absorb all that happens around you and learn how to live happily outside your comfort zone.

When I traveled to Kenya for a volunteer trip, I was working with the locals and there were many times when I would have difficulty understanding them, but eventually, I realized that if we are open to accepting new things, we can easily bond over emotions.

You must remember that culture shock is entirely normal, usually unavoidable and doesn’t reflect badly on you.

In fact, experiencing culture shock will put your life into perspective and make you a much better person.


Experiencing culture shock will make you a stronger person.

Being in an unfamiliar environment might appear to be scary, uncomfortable, and confusing in the initial phase.

However, those moments will slowly shape you as a person by helping you discover your capabilities and what you are made of. You'll eventually develop a thicker skin since you'll have to deal with a lot of stressful situations and long periods of loneliness and unfamiliarity. The best way to grow is to throw yourself out of your comfort zone, no matter what lies there ahead of you.

It is during these times when you'll truly understand your own potential.


Experiencing culture shock will make you more adjusting and adapting.

When you travel to a distant land, you will constantly be faced with uncomfortable situations, which will teach you to calm your nerves and stop worrying about every second thing that's happening around.

You will learn to rely on yourself a lot more than you used to and even laugh at yourself when you do something completely absurd, or better to put it as something 'out of culture'! You might have difficulty in understanding what the natives are trying to tell you. In case you are traveling for an internship or volunteering abroad and staying with a host family, you'll have to mold yourself like them and adapt to their living style.

Every country has a certain societal structure and adapting to those newly introduced things will make you feel more confident about yourself. 


Experiencing culture shock by coming into contact with a new language will force you to learn the language.

It is often said that language and thought are interconnected - thus, by learning a new language, you'll learn how to think differently as well.

Being involved with the locals of a region and listening to them will definitely help you to learn a language faster, and it'll be a far better learning method than the otherwise regular courses that you could have opted in your homeland. Set a project for yourself - and interact with at least one new person each day, whether that’s a shopkeeper or a bartender. You'll learn a lot about that country in a way no book could ever tell you!

Befriend a child and know what he thinks about this country, and also ask an old man the same question - you'll probably have a lot of food for thought after those conversations.


Experiencing culture shock will essentially make you a more open-minded person.

One of the best things about traveling abroad is that gives you a chance to broaden your social network.

Once the culture shock starts to wear off, you'll feel more at ease with everything and everyone around you. The relationships that you'll gain from moving abroad can benefit you for the rest of your life - no matter where you go. Getting to know people with different backgrounds and perspectives can help you develop a more open mind and may lead to better opportunities ahead. If you opt for an exchange program, you'll meet others like you, who've also traveled across the borders.

You'll slowly open up and embrace everyone, knowing that in spite of all the differences, we all share similar dreams and experiences on this earth.


Experiencing culture shock will teach you some valuable lessons about life and give you another chance to start afresh.

In a foreign land, when everything is new and alien to you, where no one knows who you are - you'll get a once in a lifetime chance to start everything afresh and erase all the previous chapters of your life.

There will be difficult times when you'll crave to see a known face or feel like having mom's cooked food - but then, you'll have a new family and friends in this faraway land. You'll probably discover a creative side of yourself, about which you had no clue before. A journey to another part of the world will teach you new life lessons and your interactions with the natives will make you more humble as a person. Whether you volunteer for a social cause, do a part-time job at a cafe or work at an MNC, your entire outlook towards life will be reshaped once you step out of your comfort zone.

It'll be a journey to self-rediscovery.


While it’s tempting to stay within your comfort zone, exposing yourself to new cultures and ways of seeing the world is vital for personal growth.

So, are you ready to travel abroad and experience the world waiting for you on the other side of the flight?


Historic Bars and Restaurants in Barcelona

Barcelona is a place that is known for having a history dating back over 2,000 years.

In recent times, the city has become world renowned for offering fantastic food and drinks in its restaurants and bars.

Nothing seems better than having a taste of the city´s history and culinary wonder in one sitting.


Therefore, we bring to you the most historic bars and restaurants in Barcelona!

Els 4Gats

This wonderful restaurant opened its doors in 1897. The founder, Pere Romeu, wanted to imitate the Parisian style eatery that he had worked at in the French capital. Two years later, a 17-year-old Picasso began to make regular visits to the restaurant and even carried out his first exhibition here.

Els 4Gats soon became one of the main centres of Modernism in Barcelona and a place for famous artists to display their artwork. Unfortunately, in 1991 it was put into administration and subsequently closed. Luckily, it has risen from the ashes to the sophisticated tapas restaurant, bar and brewery we see today.

They offer a breakfast menu and a wonderful lunch and dinner menu; the most eye-catching dish would be their famous sautéed octopus. The bar here itself is worth the visit, making the Els 4Gats the ideal stop off point for food or a couple drinks in one of the most historic restaurants in Barcelona.

Address: Carrer de Montsió, 3


Can Culleretes 

Originally, founded back in 1786, Can Culleretes is easily one of oldest bar/restaurants in Barcelona. It has a wonderful interior that make you feel as if you are truly in the 18th Century! Its name came from the fact that the waiters used up so many spoons that they were heard shouting “Noies, Culleretes!”, or, “Girls, get the spoons!” This name has stood the test of time and you can still enjoy the hustle and bustle of this busy spot. 

One of the most fascinating things that you can experience here is that you can truly dine with the stars! The walls are adorned with photos, drawings and other imagery that have been signed by some of its most famous visitors. In knowing this, you can feel a deeper attachment to the restaurant and imagine some of the amazing conversations that took place here.

Address: Carrer d’en Quintana, 5.


Bar Marsella 

Bar Marsella is arguably the most famous oldest bar in the city, known also for hosting likes of Gaudí, Picasso, Dalí, and Hemingway. Luckily, for us, the vibe of this bar has not changed over since when it opened back 200 years, in 1820!

Bar Marsella has an incredibly unique design that still stands. With wooden walls, dusty chandeliers and the same mirrors from almost two centuries ago. You should try out their most famous drink, absinthe. If you dare!

Address: Carrer de Sant Pau, 65.


London Bar

Opened in 1910, the London Bar is found by La Rambla. It was known to be a favourite of Ernest Hemingway, whilst serving in the Spanish Civil War as part of the International Brigades. These were a group of people made up from all over the world, who came together to help the Spanish Republicans. As for locals, how do the usual suspects of Picasso and Dalí sound? The eventful history of this bar is one of its main attractions, as well as having plenty of live music on offer!

Address: Carrer Nou de la Rambla, 34


Casa Almirall

Back in 1860, Casa Almirall opened its doors. With moon-shaped lamps, marble décor, and an amazing Gaudi-style wooden doorway, Casa Almirall is a true showing to Barcelona’s modernist movement. A place that is as busy as it was some 160 years ago, you need to try out the tradition that made it the popular spot you see today, serving its´ vermouth with a skewered olive.

Address: Carrer de Joaquín Costa, 33.


La Confiteria 

In 1912, a confectioner’s shop opened for business, La Confiteria still holds many memories of this time, with scales for measuring loose sweets and other equipment used for the store. A neat setting indeed, that has its ambience enhanced by the jazz music while you enjoy your drink: such as a craft cocktail.

This intimate bar will give you a welcome feel and a great atmosphere to enjoy, as you sample another one of the oldest bars in Barcelona. There is even an outdoor area if the summer sun is too tempting!

Address: Carrer de Sant Pau, 128.


Boadas Cocktail Bar Barcelona

Dim lighting, bar stools, long bars and smartly dressed staff, this is a cocktail lover’s haven; this family run bar is allegedly the first cocktail bar in Barcelona. With its first mix made in 1933! Transport yourself back in time to the 30s with Miguel Boadas’ family portraits, old newspapers, letters and other memorabilia, which are hung from the walls adding to the historical authenticity of the bar.

Given its location, on La Rambla, it is extremely popular amongst tourists and still held to a high regard by locals. It does not have its own drinks list, so we suggest getting stuck in and having in mind what cocktail you would like, or what mixers you want to experiment with!

Address: Carrer dels Tallers, 1


Forget about turkish bath! Go to a turkish barbershop!

You have been on the road for a while and except the daily shower, probably went wild…I mean hair wise :-).

Didn’t shave for a long time and feel like your beard is growing out of your throat?

Have bushy eyebrows or ear hair going crazy?

Well, the problem you seem to experience only away from home is a daily occurrence for many Turkish men, as genes have not been kind to them:-). Thus, Turkish barber shops have excelled in removal of unwanted hair.


Travelmind explored various painful and pain less ways for the globetrotting tourist as to how…

I made my way to a barber shop in Yeniköy, Istanbul and explained what I set out to do. The barber’s name was Imdat, literally meaning “help”. In Turkey, this name is given when the family has too many kids, as a cry for help. Barber Imdat sympathized with my cause immediately.

He was kind enough to tell his apprentice to go and get an Ahmet as his hair was perfect for “me”. As the apprentice rushed away, I waited in the shop and chatted about the busiest days to take some pictures. These turned out to be Mondays and Saturdays. Soon the aprentice came back, unfortunately Ahmet was playing soccer. There was no other client in the shop. So I decided to come back.

So I called and checked whether clients were available on a Monday and went in. There were two men. One was a young guy who was studying in the U.S. who complained about the barbers in the U.S, which criticism I fully share. Either Super Cuts on the cheap or 300 Dollars, no middle range :-) The other client was just "my cup of tea". He was having his throat kindly creamed and the ingrown hair there pushed to surface with a needle and then removed with a tweezer. When he saw my interest, the client explained that this was happening because he was shaving every day. It sometimes hurt him at night.

Then an older client was called in, "especially for me" said Imdat. He had hair growing out of his ears. So he was going to be waxed. So Imdat showed me how this was done. He first put the wax on to cheeks and ear. I took my pictures and then he pulled the wax out. All hair was removed in one go!

I also knew there were alternative ways for removal of cheek hair: by thread. (done not to shave the thin hair on the cheeks) I asked Imdat to demonstrate it for my international readers. This technique relies on pulling the hair out while squeezing it inside the thread. The next client who was a young guy was a little bit hesitant to volunteer for us. He insisted that he didn’t have much hair. After being convinced for the cheeks, he made clear that the answer was "no" when it came to eyebrows!


If you have not stopped reading yet, I will freak you out even more.

There is an alternative way of removing ear hair. You take some cotton, roll it on a pencil and lit it. If you hold it close enough to the ear hair while using your hand to prevent fire, the lit cotton burns the hair. It smells a little bit but is less painful.

So after reading all this, you might be feeling like my big fat greek wedding and would never make it to the barber in Turkey but remember these "treatments" are optional!

You can also have just a haircut and shave. But if you let the barber do his tricks and go for the extras, I guarantee you that your wife or girlfriend will like the outcome. No one wants to be with a monkey :-). But being subject to it for the first time raises different reactions. When I picked up my ex (French)  who was subject to the removal of cheek hair by thread, he said “you guys are completely obsessed with hair” while my sister's ex (German) who was subject to the same operation apparently said “tell him to stop, it hurts”.


You might be thinking  this experience explains why they are our exes :-). Hardly…

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