BEST SNOWBOARDS OF 2021, AKA: boards worth talking about, editor picks

There’s a lot of boards on the market this season, probably more than ever before – which is awesome. It means there’s a board for everyone – finally. But how the heck do you navigate all the options? We’re old school. Your local boardshop will know everything about their line up – they’re experts in their inventory. So pop in, get educated first hand. Or research online. Or maybe read these editor picks and see if any of these options snag your attention, wink wink. But seriously, Abby’s a bit of a nerd and knows her boards – enjoy this curated list of editor picks of the “best snowboards” of 2021!

EDITOR NOTE: Hi Snowboarders ? Happy start to the season!

I’ve been busy ogling, googling and testing boards since the normal Snowboard Canada Grade Eh board test was put on hold this year due to COVID. Hope to have it back for 2021! Pumped to share my favourite setups of the 20/21 season so far. Happy shredding! – Abby


  1. GIGI SLASH VERTICAL SPLIT: Revolutionary splitboard design. The sweetness is in the details. The nose to waist ratio. Mini swallow tail for float and surf but agile to get you through all conditions. Options for smaller riders – finally an aggressive snowboard for the smaller in stature.
  2. ARBOR VEDA BY MARIE-FRANCE ROY: Simple. camber. predictable. rad design. The staple of snowboarding that we’ve been missing for a while with all these niche designs, MFR is bringing us back to our roots.
  3. KORUA SHAPES TRANNY FINDER:Quite graphics, radical shape and a little extra help sticking the landing.
  4. WESTON BACKWOODS or ECLIPSE: Same-same. Powerful little powder pusher. Get away with less board and get all the same surf. Read more about this little number here.
  5. YES. 420: They aren’t lying when they say “often copied, never duplicated” – the 420 is something else – just trying it or you won’t get it.
  6. ENDEAVOUR BOD: The daily driver that likes to pop off everything and stick it for you (okay if only). But this boards the perfect mix of playful, and rigid – odd mix – perfect mix – another endeavour innovation we love.
  7. K2 OUTLINE: Colour outside the lines? That’s my kind of riding. Freeridelines, with a solid board underfoot – sign me up!
  8. G3 AXLE SPLITBOARD: Carbon, aggressive, pretty much all you need to know. This board is light, stiff and you need to be the boss, but damn if your a boss backcountry rider this is a delight!
  9. NITRO BANKER: Because you want to beat the banked slalom this year – you need this board. Simple. Okay, and you like going fast everywhere.
  10. BURTON POW WRENCH: Nose up, surfs up, parties on. Easy to love this little stealthy number by Burton.
K2 Outline with Clicker Set Up.
Burton Pow Wrench on stand by.
Weston Eclipse ready to rock and roll.