RITUALS: THE BINDING MOUNT, ft: burton step on

You’re probably (hopefully) familiar with the section in each mag called “Rituals” – it’s a chance to decode the sacred parts of snowboarding and appreciate them just a little bit more. The all-mighty lace-up, binding mount, gore-wash, board wax, ect.. We’re going digital with it because we hear the people love it. First on the docket? None other than the revolutionary Burton Step On Bindings.

Sam Tuff on the wrench

THE BINDING MOUNT ft Burton Step Ons

Hasty parking lot mounts or a cozy fireplace processes or maybe something in between like outside the coffee shop on route to the mountain (cozy coffee + outside vibes) – clearly what happened here. The sacredness of the binding mount in all it’s envoirments is a snowboarder ritual.

Not all rituals are smooth and flawless. Binding mounting (unless your a “shop kid”) is usually a journey.

  • Let the ritual begin.
  • All about the angles.
  • Sam Tuff massaging her Burton Step On bindings into position.

FIRST: excitement

New bindings. New feel. Better riding. #notmath

SECOND: questions

How do I do this again? What are my angles? Should I go wider? should I try new angles? Will these bindings feel better with a different stance?

THIRD: indecisive decisions are made

Whether you’ve answered every question above there comes a time when you just say “send it” and start screwing the baseplates in.

FOURTH: how does this really feel

This part is fun. Lace-up. Step on. And see how the new rig feels. bop around on the carpet, grass or snow to save your base. flex side to side. What’s good, what’s bad. Now you’re frothing to ride.

FIVE: choose your own adventure

At this point you’re either a TYPE A and must re-adjust to perfection OR a TYPE B and just say, feels good, looks good, stoke brain has taken over – let’s go snowboarding like right now.

SIX: slide sideways

And all that internal questioning, angle wresting and wrenching has paid off. You’re snowboarding. You’re happy.

The ritual reward! SHredy.


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